We are sending a wanted Albanian pimp to Italy

We are sending a wanted Albanian pimp to Italy
We are sending a wanted Albanian pimp to Italy

A three-member panel of the District Court – Kyustendil allowed the immediate execution of a European Arrest Warrant in relation to 45-year-old Albanian citizen I.K. It was issued on December 13, 2013 by the Deputy Chief Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Reggio – Calabria, Italy, for his detention to serve a sentence of 13 years and 7 months of imprisonment, imposed by an effective decision (sentence) of the Court of Appeal in Reggio – Calabria.

The sentence was imposed for 5 offences, including complicity in an organized criminal group aimed at exploiting the prostitution of Eastern European girls by enslaving them through human trafficking and purchase, in aggravating circumstances, from July 2005 . until the date of issuance of a remand order “Remand in custody” in prison from 18.07.2006.

I.K. asked the court to hand him over to the authorities in Italy as quickly as possible. He was detained on August 11, 2022, at GPU-Gueshevo-Bulgaria, as a passenger on a bus. When checking him, it was found that he was wanted from Italy and that he had changed his personal name.

District Court – Kyustendil confirmed the remand measure taken in relation to the Albanian citizen “Detention in custody”, until his actual handover to the Italian authorities, to be served in the prison in the town of Bobov dol.

The decision is not subject to appeal or protest.

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