The court acquitted the head of RZI-Kardzhali of conflict of interest

The court acquitted the head of RZI-Kardzhali of conflict of interest
The court acquitted the head of RZI-Kardzhali of conflict of interest

The magistrates annulled the decision of KPCONPI as illegal

The director of the Regional Health Inspection in Kardzhali, Viktor Kirchev, has been finally exonerated in the conflict of interest proceedings initiated against him by the anti-corruption commission KPCONPI. This is evident from the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court on the case. It confirms the decision of the Administrative Court in Kardzhali.

In 2020, KPCONPI announced that it fined Kirchev BGN 10,000, as auto parts were purchased for RZI’s needs from a company in which he was a manager and partner before becoming head of the health inspection. After his appointment as director of RZI, the company is owned by his wife, who also becomes his manager.

However, the court finds that the decision of the KPCONPI that Kirchev is in a conflict of interest is illegal. It is not established that the disposition of budget funds by signing any payment order was carried out by Kirchev with the knowledge that the specific amounts on the payment orders were authorized specifically for the benefit of the commercial company managed by the person related to him, the court reasoned . Testimony of three witnesses is also cited. they think the invoices and the payment orders based on them are not presented on paper to the director of RZI, and after entering them into the Internet banking system, certain data are visualized on the screen, and it is not established that these data include the name of the supplier under payment orders.

In addition, the process of establishing the need for auto parts, the selection of a supplier, the preliminary financial control and the approval of the expenditure takes place without the participation of Kirchev. Last but not least – he has been de facto separated from his wife for about 10 years. All this means for the court that the spending of budget funds is not influenced by the presence of private interest.

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