Declaration of the Bulgaria Citizens Movement

The National Council of the PP Movement Bulgaria of the Citizens adopted the attached declaration regarding the elections for the 48th National Assembly. At the meeting, the chairman of the DBG, Dimitar Delchev, reported the talks with the democratic formations about interaction in the upcoming elections and held a discussion about the future of the party.

Regarding the Elections for the 48th National Assembly

PP “Movement Bulgaria of Citizens”, as an active participant in the protests of 2020 for the overthrow of Boyko Borisov and Ivan Geshev, we declare that the strong energy produced by civil society at that time is about to be destroyed.

The failure to form governments in April and July 2021 and the lack of real interaction between the main protest groups over the past 9 months have played a decisive role in thwarting the possibility of stable democratic governance. The same mistakes are in danger of leading to the same result in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

We believe that early voting will not lead to a qualitative change in the lives of Bulgarian citizens, but only to a rearrangement of the political parties. Further fragmentation and segmentation of the democratic community is harmful and the DBG will not participate in it.

PP “Movement of Bulgaria for Citizens” will work not in the election campaign starting on September 2, but for the emergence of the democratic community as a single political entity in the inevitable early elections next year.

We believe that Bulgaria will experience real progress when the thought of the national interest prevails over selfishness.

Our party contribution will go solely and exclusively to support:
– Resolute fight against corruption and refusal of collaboration with those who benefited from it
– No increase in taxes and insurance
– Complete replacement of old processes by electronic systems
– Integration of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria and guaranteeing our Euro-Atlantic belonging
– Mobilization in the implementation of the Plan for recovery and sustainability and stopping the price jump

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