Sasha Ilic: Against Spartak (Varna) we must be as aggressive as possible

Sasha Ilic: Against Spartak (Varna) we must be as aggressive as possible
Sasha Ilic: Against Spartak (Varna) we must be as aggressive as possible

The head coach of CSKA Sasha Ilic spoke before the departure of the team to Varna. He stated that the “Reds” should be as aggressive as possible in the upcoming match. The Serbian specialist also commented on the previous clash between the “Armies”, which was won 2:1, and he watched the match from the stands because of a penalty.

“The previous match was tough. There was a lot of intensity. The best thing is that we won this match. I think it turned out to be a good match, especially in the second half,” commented Ilić.

“In my team, I work with mentors who were head coaches in their previous teams. I also worked with them in my previous team. We communicated well with each other. Even before the match, we knew what we were going to do. We had a plan even in a good situation and in a negative turn of the game. The result is that we won, which shows that we did pretty well.”

“Once again I apologize for the yellow cards I received, for which I was punished.”

The long-awaited new member of CSKA is already in Sofia

Passed medical examinations

“CSKA is not the kind of team that can afford to underestimate an opponent. This is out of the question. If we do not enter the match well, we may have very big problems. I know this, as well as the players. We must enter as aggressively as possible in the match. Spartak (Varna) is last in the standings, but it has its potential,” he added.

“I am sure that CSKA can play better and we are working in this direction. I have been here for three months. We dropped out of Europe. We have to play for the championship and the cup. We play match by match and we will see where we will be at the end of the championship.”

“Georgi Yomov takes what happened very hard. He is a very important footballer for CSKA. He is a Bulgarian national. He has my support. I have spoken to him several times. I know it is very difficult for him. He is in a period of his life that does not is good for him.”

Ilić also spoke on the subject of the expected new signing Marcelino Carreaso: “I don’t know, I’m not aware of how far things have gone.”

“Kaloyan Krastev and Mitkov were transferred to Beroe, where they will be able to play more often. Besides, Beroe has high goals, which is good for both of them. They are young footballers and it is important for them to play regularly.”

“I watched Levski – Ludogorets. These are two of the best teams in Bulgaria. They have a lot of quality. Our goal is to fight with them for the top in Bulgaria.”

“There is time until the end of the transfer market. I am of the opinion that players who can make a difference should come to CSKA. Every such player is welcome in CSKA,” said Sasha Ilic.

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