They left in custody a Bulgarian wanted in Italy for passing two migrants

They left in custody a Bulgarian wanted in Italy for passing two migrants
They left in custody a Bulgarian wanted in Italy for passing two migrants


The Bulgarian citizen Petko T., wanted by the judicial authorities in the Republic of Italy with a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) to serve a sentence, remains in custody. A panel of the Appellate Court – Burgas confirmed a decision of the District Court – Sliven, which imposed the most severe measure of restraint on him.

Petko T. is wanted with an EZA, issued by the Brindisi State Prosecutor’s Office, in order to serve a sentence entered into force in 2014.

The Bulgarian citizen was sentenced to serve a sentence of 3 years and 4 months of imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 euros, with the remainder of the term to serve the sentence of 3 years and 1 day for facilitating the illegal entry from Greece to the Italian state of two Syrian citizens.

In the rendered judicial act, the appellate instance states that the purpose of the applied remand measure is only to ensure the presence of the requested person in the proceedings for consideration of the execution of the EAW.

The appellate judges accept as correct the judgment of the first instance court that it is the most severe measure that will ensure the unimpeded conduct of the mentioned proceedings to the highest degree, since with a lighter regime of restriction there is a danger that the requested person will abscond.

According to the appellate panel, the act is characterized by a high degree of public danger.

The specified term of imprisonment – 3 years and four months is a sufficient motive for the requested person to deviate, by hiding, in order to prevent the possibility of this punishment actually being carried out – the court noted in its ruling.

The controlling instance considers the remand measure “detention in custody” against Petko T. as only adequate, proportionate and necessary for the proper course of the process.

The decision of the Court of Appeal – Burgas is final.

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