Bulgaria may lose Dimitar Talev’s native house in Prilep

Bulgaria may lose Dimitar Talev’s native house in Prilep
Bulgaria may lose Dimitar Talev’s native house in Prilep

Bulgaria may lose Dimitar Talev’s native house in Prilep, North Macedonia.

For years, its owner has been asking our country to buy it, but there has been no reaction from the Bulgarian side. After his death, its owner was his widow – an old and sick woman who could not support it. Now she appeals to our country again.

On September 1 – the day on which the 124th anniversary of the birth of the writer and author of “The Iron Lighthouse”, “The Bells of Prespa”, “Ilinden” and “I hear your voices” BGNES published an interview with Snezhana Acheska, who asks Bulgarian politicians to preserved Talev’s native house by buying it and turning it into a cultural home of Bulgaria. The woman offers it to our country for 100 thousand euros.

“My biggest wish is for Dimitar Talev’s house to become Bulgarian, for it to become the cultural home of Bulgaria. I cannot understand why Bulgaria is sleeping. They can put a plaque, but Bulgaria must be a country. Let it manifest itself in the light of a real state and bow down to the case of Dimitar Talev. Let him return to where he started from. He left this house and from Prilep – let him return. And may his spirit rest in peace,” says Acheska.

She says that her husband left sad because of Bulgaria’s neglect of Talev’s house.

“Where is Bulgaria? Why is it sleeping?! I can’t understand why Bulgaria is sleeping. I’ve been repeating it for years: “The amount for a country is ridiculous and the country doesn’t take care to collect a minimum of 100,000 euros for a house with 10 rooms that can The Dimitar Talev Foundation was created, but nothing was done. People don’t give money. I think it’s a shame. Having Bulgaria’s cultural center in the center of Prilep is a big deal – says Acheska. “I expect the Bulgarian state to come and buy it. To give them the keys while I’m alive. My husband died sad and told me: ‘Live to accomplish what you set out to do.’ Here, I’m still alive, I will soon be 72 years old, and I am asking the Bulgarian state to speed up this process, because I don’t know when I will leave. This country also kicked out my children – all three are abroad, and I am left alone. At least to finish what I started 20 years ago years. I started with Stefan Danailov and Parvanov and so far there is nothing.”

Snezhana Acheska, photo: BGNES

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