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Overview of the Sofia Stock Exchange AD

In the last two weeks, the development of the prices of grain contracts according to the world stock markets was controversial and determined not so much by the war in Ukraine as by agro-meteorological conditions, harvest and export rates. After some decline under the pressure of increased supply (mainly in the Black Sea region), we are now again witnessing the beginning of an upward trend, but overall interest is sluggish.

During the week, the price of wheat in the USA increased by 4.00 dollars to 332.00 USD/ton, that in France remained unchanged at 330.00 EUR/ton. In Ukraine, the price after the previous crash of $100.00 rose to $310.00/ton, and the Russian one was also quoted with plus $10.00 to $340.00/ton.

US corn was also up $5.00 to $317.00/t, France was unchanged at €329.00/t, and Russia was up $5.00 to $325.00/t. The price of barley in France added €2.00 to €295.00/t, in Russia zero movement and $295.00/t. Rapeseed, which has been moving sinusoidally for several weeks on Euronext, continues to fluctuate – minus 18.75 euros to levels of 605.00 euros/ton. The price of crude sunflower oil on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange for delivery in September fell another $70.00 to $1,400.00/ton, while that of refined sugar rose $11.20 to $559.10/ton on the exchange in London.

In the “Grain” sub-district of the Sofia Commodity Exchange AD, the quotations during the week are without new movement of the old prices – bread wheat in large quantities is sought at 580.00 – 637.00 BGN/ton, there was an offer for 749.00 – 750.00 BGN/ton. Fodder wheat in large quantities is being sought at BGN 615.00/ton. The supply of fodder barley gives quotations at a price of BGN 665.00/ton, that of corn is at BGN 650.00/ton. There were requests for the purchase of oilseed sunflower at BGN 1,200.00/ton. All prices are without VAT.

In the sub-district “Foodstuffs” the prices of the main goods continue to be stable, there is a supply of ripe beans at BGN 3330.00/ton.

In the “Industrial goods” subdivision of SSB AD, during the week deals were traditionally concluded for energy carriers: A95H motor gasoline at BGN 2,541.67 – 2,681.25/thousand liters, diesel fuel was traded in the range of BGN 2,680.00 – 2,846.25/thousand liters. Deals were also concluded for scrap metals: aluminum at BGN 1700.00/ton, copper at BGN 5400.00/ton and ferrous metals in the range of BGN 230.00 – 260.00/ton.

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