Gen. Mutafchiiski shook Bulgaria. An impassioned speech

Gen. Mutafchiiski shook Bulgaria. An impassioned speech
Gen. Mutafchiiski shook Bulgaria. An impassioned speech

A moving and passionate speech to the cadets was made by the head of the Military Academy, Gen. Vencislav Mutafchiyski. You are different, wear your uniform with pride, he addressed them, the VMA announced on Facebook.

20 young people, who are part of the sixth graduating class in the “Military Doctor” specialty, have already started their training, and are about to take a military oath in mid-September.

I congratulate you on taking on a challenge that few your age would take on in this day and age. Have you ever wondered how many people would swear in front of the flag of the Republic of Bulgaria to serve the Motherland. Very few, only chosen ones and you are among the chosen ones. I congratulate you for this courage – it is a great responsibility, said the head of the Academy of Military Academy, Major General Prof. Dr. Ventsislav Mutafchiyski, MD, PhD, FACS, welcoming the newly admitted cadets who attended the celebration of the 144th anniversary of the establishment of The Military Medical Service in Bulgaria.

Wear your uniform with pride. What greater pride than wearing a uniform?! You have already proven that you are other people. You are inheritors of a very serious institution that managed to maintain its leadership positions in public health care. It is the most modern hospital, with the best specialists and equipment. In military terms, we strive to achieve the best practices in the NATO forces, the head of the Military Academy also stated.

He emphasized that the cadets have a lot of trials ahead of them and that is why they need to be diligent and persistent in their studies: You will have to prove yourself continuously, as well as many difficult moments. You have some serious work ahead of you, but I’m sure you can handle it. So be extremely disciplined.

We will provide you opportunities to qualify in the best hospital. We are leaders in a number of areas in medicine, not to say that we remained the last of the Mohicans in some activities. Some of the best specialists in Bulgaria work at the Academy of Arts and Sciences and you have a chance to learn from them. If you are ready for the challenges, you have a real chance to participate in all these processes, and why not lead them. After all, the limits of our ambitions are only in our heads. If you set low goals, you can’t achieve big things. Don’t set your goals low! Forget about limits! I want you to become noticeable, urged Major-General Prof. Dr. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, Ph.D., FACS, and emphasized that cadets should prepare for competition even from the student bench.

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