Is the tobacco warehouse a warehouse? Who is really breaking the law?

Is the tobacco warehouse a warehouse? Who is really breaking the law?
Is the tobacco warehouse a warehouse? Who is really breaking the law?
The demolition of tobacco warehouses has made headlines again in recent days. What is interesting in this case is that it concerns two separate cases. In one we have a tobacco warehouse with proper documents, which is not a cultural monument.

Yesterday, however, demolition began on another warehouse, which is a cultural monument and which attracted the attention of acting minister Velislav Minekov. He himself hastily arrived in Plovdiv, and returned at night because he was told that after he had left, the demolition had resumed. However, Minekov ended up at another site, not the illegal one. However, he is a minister and he doesn’t make mistakes, that’s why information was planted that this warehouse is also a sinner. bothered to check the facts, not ride the wave of populism and cheap but popular political talk. After all, we all want to live in an orderly state of law.

It turns out that the warehouse on “Hristo Botev” Blvd. is not a cultural monument, it has all the documents and permits and note, it is not a tobacco warehouse. According to the Cadastre, it is an agricultural building.

Before purchasing the warehouse, the current owner requested a letter stating that the warehouse is not a cultural monument and has one from the Ministry of Culture.

The warehouse was purchased, the facade was photographed, or at least what was left of it to be included in the future project, all the documents were taken out and the demolition started.

At one point, however, the investor enters a “movie”. The reason is prosaic, he did not choose the “right” architect and her husband stopped him from protesting, together with party accomplices/activists from DB. The investor does not give in to the racket.

Then he received a letter from the Ministry of Culture informing him that they intend to start a procedure to turn the tobacco warehouse into a cultural monument. The investor is given a 7-day period for comments and objections. The next day, in a letter with the same incoming number, the investor is already notified that the procedure has been started.

The following week, the Minister of Culture appears in the middle of the night, with an entourage of “independent” media, and begins to explain that he is fearless and incorruptible and will fight tooth and nail. Will he fight against what? Against the laws of Bulgaria, perhaps? Minekov may be a caricature, but he is a minister. As such, it attracts the attention of the investor, in addition to the architectural and institutional racket, he is subjected to inspections by all institutions. At the moment, they are hitting a stone, because the documents are in order, but it is not known what letter the institutions can print. No one has been able to fight the state so far.

These are the dry facts. We leave it to you to judge and share in the comments whether it is a question of the destruction of an architectural monument, a racket or ridiculous political PR by Minister Minekov.

This is the dry facts surrounding the case.

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