14 Lufthansa flights to and from Sofia were cancelled, what are the passengers’ rights

The Lufthansa pilot strike affected 14 flights to and from Bulgaria. The website of the Sofia airport shows that 7 flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Sofia and the same number of flights in the opposite direction to the two German cities, which were supposed to take place today, have been cancelled.

A secret check by Money.bg showed that it is difficult to contact the SOF Connect team serving Lufthansa in Sofia by phone. Our attempt to contact the team that passengers would speak to in Munich was also unsuccessful – due to the busyness of the lines, they are either busy almost all the time or hang up automatically.

Strike cancels 800 Lufthansa flights on Friday

This affects 130,000 passengers

In the event of a flight cancellation, passengers have three options

The first is a refund for the unused ticket within 7 days, or if there is a connecting flight – return to the airport of departure. The second option is rerouting, under comparable transport conditions, to the final destination at the earliest opportunity. And the third option is for the passenger to receive a new flight, under comparable transport conditions, to the final destination at a later date, when it is convenient for the passenger and if seats are available. It is clear from the website of the capital airport that the first possible flight to Frankfurt is on September 3 (at 06:10), and to Munich – also on September 3 (at 06:00). As for flights from Germany to Sofia – the first possible flight from Frankfurt is scheduled for 08:00 on September 3, and from Munich – for the same date at 09:25.

Lufthansa pilots go on another strike demanding higher wages

The strike action is scheduled for this Friday and will affect both passenger and commercial flights

Depending on when he was notified of the cancellation, when he is expected to arrive at the final destination, and the reason for the cancellation, the passenger may also be entitled to compensation. If you went to the airport and choose rerouting, the airline must provide you with care during the waiting time.

The pilots of the German airline Lufthansa are on strike

this Friday amid an ongoing wage dispute that could prolong a summer of travel chaos.

Pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit is demanding a 5.5% pay rise this year for its more than 5,000 pilots. However, the discussions have failed, the German media write.

The secret behind the chaos of the world's airports may surprise you

The secret behind the chaos of the world’s airports may surprise you

The truth is that in the next few months there is not much that can be done to normalize the situation

The strike announcement comes after pilots from Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings also voted in support of strike action earlier in the day.

Lufthansa offers a higher basic monthly salary for a total of 900 euros, to be realized in two stages within an 18-month period, as well as an agreement guaranteeing the pilot staff with a minimum fleet size.

Strikes and staff shortages have already forced airlines, including Lufthansa, to cancel thousands of flights this summer and caused hours of long queues at major airports.

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