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All 12 buildings in the “Tobacco City” in Plovdiv become cultural monuments

All 12 buildings in the “Tobacco City” in Plovdiv become cultural monuments
All 12 buildings in the “Tobacco City” in Plovdiv become cultural monuments

The status of all 12 buildings in the Tobacco City in Plovdiv will be changed and they will be declared immovable cultural property. This was announced by the official Minister of Culture after the demolition of another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv.

Hours after he urgently left for Plovdiv, the acting minister of culture returned to the city to try to stop the demolition of a former tobacco warehouse.

“I will call the Plovdiv police, I want this to stop immediately. I will demand the restoration of the building as it was. I will want a court decision, I will want the integrity of the city of Plovdiv to be preserved, I will want the cultural heritage to be preserved,” stated Velislav Minekov.

However, the demolition of the building at 51 Hristo Botev Blvd. continued throughout the night, and today it dawned completely destroyed. In the morning, the demolition of the second warehouse continued – at the corner of “G.M. Dimitrov” and “Exarch Yosif” streets.

From Sofia, the minister stated that the destruction must be stopped.

“What I said, I stand by. I will not allow this devastation. Until my last day here, I will not allow it. It will not happen. And this is a trend that has been going on for years. The owners need to know, that they have risky investments, the sellers of these are bound by risk, the buyers even more so. They must follow absolutely all recommendations for immovable cultural heritage and follow everything that is in the law,” Minekov added.

The Minister of Culture explained that he would require the investor company to restore the building to its original form and invited the people of Plovdiv to meet him.

The scandal with the destruction of the emblematic buildings gained strength again in recent days, after the demolition of Kocho Popov’s tobacco warehouse began on August 25, and yesterday an excavator entered the second warehouse, which suffered from a fire 6 years ago.

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