Plovdiv and Stefan Valdobrev – made for each other

Stefan Valdobrev and his work are a phenomenon in Bulgarian music. But not of those who fade away for a day or two and then find their place in the dusty ranks of history. On the contrary, it has “looked” and educated generations, it will certainly continue to do so, stepping on the love of all connoisseurs of quality sound and meaning between the notes.

The legendary performer and the band “The Usual Suspects” returned to Plovdiv for another inspiring concert at the Summer Theater. It was there that a beautiful truth was confirmed – Valdobrev and the city under the hills were made for each other. Every minute of separation between him and the audience is so painful that only one of the band’s hits can extinguish the fire of a momentary crisis in the inner universe, bring harmony to the chaos and stop the skidding of human feelings. Yes, this time the sky was merciful and there was no flood, but at the expense of this reciprocity reached new limits.

The Usual Suspects presented a special two-hour concert for the Plovdiv audience, with an extended setlist. This, as Valdobrev himself said, is an attempt at revenge after the concert of July 1, 2021, when, despite the downpour that poured over the city, the fans remained stoic and sank into the magic of the music. Songs from the last two albums of “The Usual Suspects” – 10 ½ and Yellow Code, as well as many of those that have become an emblem of the “Voldobrev” phenomenon, were heard from the stage of the Summer Theater. The set list included “Slow Down”, “Greenest Coast”, “Big Job”, “Hollywood”, “This Song Ain’t About Love”, “Fireworks”, “There You Go”, “To”, “Heaven” “, “I love you, honey” and many others.

The concert started with a bang with “Po-poleka”. Valdobrev had to explain with a smile the “special” dance that accompanies the lyrics of the song, so that the audience, which completely filled the Summer Theater, could actively participate in this performance. In many of the songs, as the talented artist likes, those present had a role, whether lead or supporting. And this is a big part of the magic of Valdobrev’s concerts. Even if the audience doesn’t want to dance or be the characters in the special production unfolding before their eyes, the body thinks otherwise. There is not a person who hears even one second of a song by “The Usual Suspects” and does not want to dive into the dance, swim in the bottomless sea of ​​positive emotions and feel as if he is waking up to a beautiful morning without an alarm.

Undoubtedly, Stefan Valdobrev and the band “The Usual Suspects” (FSB guitarist Ivan Lechev, Stoyan Yankulov-Stundzhi on drums, Veselin Veselinov-Eko – on bass, , Miroslav Ivanov – second guitar) entered the role of “player of the match” and recorded a of the most memorable goals in the goal of the musical history of Plovdiv. At the end of the concert, the audience did not want to let Valdobrev and company leave the stage. This mutual love led to a special gift – Stefan grabbed the guitar and performed “I love you, honey”. He also added the special third verse, which is a favorite of Beroe fans. The final credits went under the re-performance of “Slow down”, which has become an anthem of everyday life for thousands of fans of the music of “The Usual Suspects”.

Surely the people of Plovdiv will long remember last night’s musical, emotional and spiritual experience. Voldobrev and The Usual Suspects provided an incredible journey through a wonderland where nothing is impossible. They made sure that the fireworks of pleasure would explode with such force that they could be heard and seen in a radius of kilometers, and that everyone present would feel comfortable on their shore of the greenest color. And I will dare to argue with Stefan. This paradise that you create does not lead to hell, as the song sings, but to another, even larger and incredibly beautiful, dimension of paradise. Who would want to leave there? I thought so.

photos by Valentina Bilareva

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