Artists arranged an exhibition “Shared in color” after a plein air in Plovdiv

Artists arranged an exhibition “Shared in color” after a plein air in Plovdiv
Artists arranged an exhibition “Shared in color” after a plein air in Plovdiv

The exhibition “Shared in color” from an international plein air painting was opened by Svetlozar Chavdarov and Georges Track in the TrackArt Cultural Center. In the hall you can see the works of the artists Angel Kitipov, Vanya Godjelova, Georgi Ivanov (George Track), Maria Trpeska, Petar Chuchuligov, Polina Todorova, Svetlozar Chavdarov, Stefan Anchevski, Assoc. Dr. Stoyan Dechev and Ch. assistant Dr. Julian Stankulov. The works were created during the “Shared in Color” international plein air painting event, which was organized by the “Tsanko Lavrenov” Art Gallery and was financed by the “Culture” National Fund under the Program for the Restoration and Development of State, Regional and Cultural Institutes. The plein air took place in the period from August 26 to August 30, 2022.

The authors have rich creative biographies, and some of them are teachers at the National Academy of Arts “Tsanko Lavrenov”, National Academy of Arts – Sofia and prestigious schools in Macedonia. The participants will have the opportunity to paint in the specialized studios of the Art Residence Center of the “Trakart-2000” foundation or in interesting places in the city of Plovdiv. A rich cultural program related to the history of Plovdiv and the development of the city has been prepared.

The exchange of experience and the sharing of innovative, good and working practices applicable in the educational process aimed at students are among the main results of the plein air. The team of the Art High School plans to make the event traditional, with the main idea being to invite artists with pedagogical experience to share creative innovations and classical and modern methods in teaching students with artistic inclinations. This will be a prerequisite for the creation of joint activities between teachers and students in art schools under the Ministry of Culture and will allow the participation of prominent artists in the creative and educational process.

In the future, visiting authors from different countries with contemporary research in the field of visual arts are planned. Part of the works will become the property of the Tsanko Lavrenov Art Gallery, which is a way to expand the existing collection of prominent Bulgarian and foreign authors. This collection will be accessible to students and teachers and will help build a deeper understanding from children about the opportunities for creative development in the field of visual arts. The project supports both professional artists and future authors-artists.

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