Each unit with a bank account and a senior house manager

Each unit with a bank account and a senior house manager
Each unit with a bank account and a senior house manager

Each unit must have a bank account, and the professional house manager must have a university degree. In addition, general meetings will now be able to be held online. These are just some of the changes in the Condominium Management Act (ZUES) prepared by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRRB) and published for public discussion.

The purpose of the changes is to facilitate access to funds for energy renovation in multi-family residential buildings. They are done in implementation of a reform Facilitating and increasing the efficiency of investments, which is enshrined in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRSP). They are related to the implementation of the “Support for Sustainable Energy Renewal” project, on which they are pledged BGN 1.4 billion with VAT for the well-known rehabilitation of private residential buildings.

Any condominium with a bank account

To facilitate energy efficiency investments in multi-family residential buildings, each condominium must have a bank account with a special purpose for collecting funds for the management and maintenance of the common parts of the building.

This will also make it easier to apply for collective loans to various financial institutions, according to the MRRB.

The collected money will be disposed of by the chairman of the management board of the condominium, the so-called manager. This will be done on the basis of a decision adopted by the general assembly of the condominium.

Meetings may also be online

It changes too the manner of holding a general meeting of owners. In cases expressly listed in the law, it is possible to hold the general meeting through an online connection, and not only in person, as it is now.

In this way, it is possible for more owners, users and residents of the block to participate in the general meeting. In addition, conditions are created for better communication in condominiums, argue the MRRB.

A proposal was also made for absentee voting on a decision of the general assembly. It can be done up to 7 days after the meeting by means of a declaration, signed by hand and delivered to the manager or sent by e-mail, signed with a qualified electronic signature.

The legally defined possibility of postponing the general meeting is no longer valid for the following day, in cases where the required quorum is not present.

According to the amendment, the general meeting will be adjourned for one hour and will be considered legal, however many ideal parts of the common parts of the condominium are represented.

Registration up to 15 days in the condominium book

Entering the obligation of each owner or the person who lives in the apartment, within 15 days of acquiring the right of ownership or use of the apartment, to submit declaration for entry in the condominium book of the relevant data. If he doesn’t, he faces a fine of BGN 50 to BGN 250 for an individual and BGN 100 to BGN 500 for a legal entity.

An opportunity is given condominium book to be able to be maintained in electronic form as well. The data in it will be communicated to the manager through a model declaration.

Salary for manager and controller

It is proposed in the bill payment of remuneration regardless of whether the manager is the owner of an apartment or the management is entrusted to a professional house manager, says the announcement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

In addition, the obligation of the condominium to choose is also introduced control board or controller. He must also receive a salary, the changes provide.

It is possible for the manager and controller to work without salary, if the general meeting of the block makes such a decision. If the condominium is managed by a professional house manager (the management of the block is assigned by contract to merchant) must have a voted reward.

The principle that children, under 6 years of ageto be exempted from management and maintenance costs of the building.

The manager of the condominium will be obliged to publish in a visible and widely accessible place every month a report on the income and expenses for the month, the changes in the ZEES also foresee.

The professional house manager with only a university degree

The bill also regulates the professional management of condominiums in multi-family residential buildings. The aim is to improve control over companies carrying out this activity.

The requirement is introduced that persons who manage and maintain the condominium, to be merchants within the meaning of the Commercial Law. All of them will be entered in a special register at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and will receive a certifying document. The registration will be valid for a period of 5 years. INregistered traders will need to update the information in the register whenever new circumstances arise that affect their requirements.

If a trader who manages condominiums does not have the necessary registration or continues to carry out activities after being removed from the register maintained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, he is subject to a fine of BGN 500 to BGN 1,000. In the event of a repeat violation, the fine jumps from BGN 1,500 to BGN 2,000 .

In order to be entered in the register and to be able to exercise activity, professional house managers will need to have a university degree and at least 3 years of professional experience. They must not have been convicted of an intentional crime of a general nature and must not be deprived of the right to hold materially responsible positions, the changes also provide.

Professional house managers will be obliged to employ at least two employees on an employment and/or civil basis. One of them must have a legal or economic education, and the other a technical education.

Professional house managers will also need to have “Professional liability” insurance. It will cover damages caused during and on the occasion of exercising the activity. The purpose of these changes is to maximally protect the rights of consumers and to guarantee high quality, the MRRB states.

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