There are no obstacles to the construction of a crematorium in the town of Kameno

There are no obstacles to the construction of a crematorium in the town of Kameno
There are no obstacles to the construction of a crematorium in the town of Kameno

The Administration of the Municipality of Kameno must allow the development of the PUP in order to move forward with the Project, says Kirov

02 September 2022Friday, 3:00 p.m.

Author: Flagman. Bg

The investor expects the base construction processes to start soon

– Mr. Kirov, this week RIOSV Burgas came out with a definite opinion that the construction of a crematorium in Kameno Municipality will not have a negative impact on the environment in the region. This means Do you already know that you can start implementing your investment intention?

– This is exactly so, after a nearly 4-year procedure, two of which took place under the umbrella of the World Pandemic and letters and documents were exchanged exactly 94 times between us as Investors and RIOSV – Burgas, as a control body, on 25.08.2022 it was issued a positive EIA Decision for the investment proposal “Construction of a cremation and urn placement park” in our private property in the land of the town of Kameno, Burgas Region.

The preparation of such a report is a long and complicated procedure, a team of experts in the various fields of ecology are involved, and on the other side are a number of competent state bodies – all departments of the RISW – Burgas, RZI – Burgas, Basin Directorate – Varna, etc. They put requests and questions to the report, give opinions within their legal competences. And all the information is collected in this report, which is reviewed by an expert council of, if we remember correctly, 12 experts, representatives of all these institutions and representatives of the Municipality of Kameno.

At the last such council, the report was accepted without comments by the specialists. This is because we were able to prove with documents and scientific works of our team that the Crematorium we want to build does not have a negative impact on the environment, does not have a negative impact on the population of the town of Kameno, the town of Bulgarovo and the other more distant ones settlements. There is no way, because throughout Europe such installations are made in the cities themselves.

For me, this means that there could be no reasoned obstacles to the implementation of this investment intention, which is in the interest not only of the Municipality of Kameno, but also of the entire Burgas region.

– In the past few years, the main concern of the opponents of your project was that the environment would be affected, but after the report of RIOS Burgas, are they left without arguments?

– Yes, all this time a group of people are trying in every possible way to hinder this project, to create incorrect and negative attitudes towards it in the local population, they write incessant unmotivated complaints to various institutions, but in the end it is their right, however cowardly and unconstructive it may be. However, we have made contacts and conversations with dozens of residents of Kameno who support the project and who are mature enough to realize the benefits for the region of such a large-scale project for the city.

I hope that now, after the positive EIA Decision of the only competent state body in the case of RISW – Burgas, which I repeat in the course of the procedure received a number of opinions from other state institutions in order to make this decision, that the circle of people who think modernly and wish to realize this project.

– What are you going to do now, what are the next steps to implement your project?

– Purely procedurally, from here on we are dealing with the local administration in the Municipality of Kameno, which must allow the development of the PUP in order to move forward with the Project.

How did the Municipality of Kameno accept this project? After all, this is a serious project and it would bring a lot of revenue to the budget of a municipality?

– At various times, the Municipality of Kameno and the mayor, Mr. Vardunski, have talked with us about our investment intention. I fully agree that the scale of the project is quite significant for the region and the city in particular. More than once I have commented on all the positives that our project will bring to the Municipality and its population.

It is about hundreds of thousands of leva, which will remain in the city of Kameno every year in the form of fees, taxes, salaries for our employees from the region, accompanying income from external visitors, gas consumption by our company and many others. All these funds are direct revenues for the Municipality of Kameno, which it could invest in improving the living conditions of the local population. This is an indisputable fact that hardly needs proving.

Something else is more important. A group of people initiated, on reasons unclear to me, incited public discontent against the project even before the local population was introduced to it at a public hearing. I.e. they no longer wanted it, not knowing what it was.

What happens in this case? There is a serious disconnect between public interest and public opinion. In this case, an investment intention, which has been proven not to have a negative impact on the environment, which has been proven to have only economic benefits for the Municipality of Kameno and its population, is entirely in the public interest to happen, but because of the negative propaganda towards it, public attitudes do not allow the truth to reach their ears you are

All over the world, the logic of business, when it is legal and reasonable, is for the local administration to promote its existence, development, to encourage private economic initiative, i.e. to create favorable conditions for business and investments. Because it drives and strengthens the local economy. It is impermissible for an administration to act in the opposite way, to hinder and hinder a legitimate business intention, to complain against it and to seek procedural obstacles to its implementation, instead of opening its doors to it and inviting it to the local level. This is the way we expect the Municipality of Kameno to view us.

– Is it true that you invited part of the administration and the protesters to a visit at your expense to already operating crematoria in Europe?

– Yes. And I see nothing wrong with that. We have already proven at an expert level that our project is ecological and will not negatively affect the environment. However, the obstacle before us is that some people do not believe. Because we are in Bulgaria, because we don’t trust anyone or anything anymore. Therefore, in our opinion, it is quite a logical move to invite them to see with their own eyes on the spot in several European cities identical installations with the technology and equipment chosen by us, in order to convince themselves, as we convinced ourselves some time ago, of their humanity , hygiene and in the fact that they are something completely normal, something that does not bother the modern European, it does not bother him if it is located meters from his home, unlike here in the town of Kameno, 1200m from the nearest residential building .

The installations are literally located a few meters from administrative and residential buildings, you will see how these objects exist imperceptibly in the urban environment of many cities in Europe. And then this delegation will already know that we are sincere and correct in our intentions.

Therefore, on 01.09.2022, we entered an invitation to the mayor Zhelio Vardunski to determine the composition of the delegation, as in our opinion representatives of the OS – Kameno, expert ecologists of the Municipality of Kameno and representatives of the citizens’ initiative committee should participate in it.

– What if your invitation to this tour is not accepted?

– If our invitation is not accepted, we will think that the protests against our project are far from having environmental motives and good intentions, but behind them are other motives, which, however, should not hinder free economic initiative and legal investments like ours. It would be very bad if our good intentions were approached in this way, but personally I do not believe that there is any logic in such a refusal.

You sound very adamant that you are going to do your project anyway, when do you expect it to happen?

– For me, it is completely natural for this project to happen. In Bulgaria, crematoria are already operating in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. It is only logical that the fourth largest region should have such a facility. We all know how acute and sore the need for it is, and that makes it quite expected that such a project will be implemented in the Region. This will surely benefit all the people who need this service and now have to pay an unnecessarily high price for it. So, I wish the Municipality of Kameno to be the one that will have the first opportunity to implement such a project on its territory.

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