Dangerous time! They announced an orange code for heavy rainfall in 5 areas…

By the end of the day today and before midnight, rain will fall over many areas, and the amounts will be significant in some places, meteorologists report.

There is a high probability of such phenomena in the evening and before midnight along the Northern Black Sea coast, incl. in Varna and Varna region.

NIMH has announced an orange code for three areas in the northwest, as well as for Varna and Dobrich.

It will also be quite cool in Western Bulgaria, with temperatures after lunch that will not exceed 20 degrees in many places. In the east and in the southern regions, the maximum values ​​will reach 26-28 degrees.

Rain from west to east will begin to taper off tonight, most recently in northeastern areas tomorrow morning. A light wind will blow from the west-northwest. The minimum temperatures will be 11 to 16 degrees, in Thrace and along the Black Sea still up to 18-19.

On Saturday, it will be cooler, with temperatures from around 19-20 in the northeast to 25, in the extreme southern areas to around 27 degrees. Clouds will decrease, after noon and evening to sunny in many places. There will be light rain until around noon over the extreme southern and eastern regions. The wind will be from the east, weak.

On Sunday, the minimum temperatures will be from 10 to 15 degrees, and in some places it is possible to have a degree or two lower values. It will be a little warmer in places in Thrace and along the sea coast. During the day, the cloudiness will be changeable, and after noon in the western and southwestern regions it will rain again, in places with thunder, but in Northern and Eastern Bulgaria it will remain almost rainless. Daytime temperatures will be from 21 to 26 degrees.

On Monday, the minimum temperatures will be from 11 to 16, and the daytime temperatures after lunch – from 21 to around 26, 27 degrees. There will be cumulus clouds, more significant in the west, but short-term precipitation is possible only in isolated places in the southwestern regions – around Pirin. In Eastern Bulgaria, a light wind will blow from the north-northeast.

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