The background story of “Sisters Pallaveevi” is included in the new edition of the book

The background story of “Sisters Pallaveevi” is included in the new edition of the book
The background story of “Sisters Pallaveevi” is included in the new edition of the book

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The background story of “Sisters Pallaveevi”, written years ago, enters the new supplemented edition of “Sisters Pallaveevi in ​​the labyrinth of youth and in the storm of history”. This is what the author Alek Popov told in the program “Horizon for you”. The path of the sisters is traced from the birth of the sisters to the first years of the construction of communism.

“When I started writing the novel and doing my research, constructing the images, I took a somewhat journalistic approach. These are some of the chapters of the book that I wrote at the very beginning and are slightly documentary in nature, like a fake documentary, and are precisely sketches of the life of these girls before they go to the partisans”.

Popov did not publish the prequel before because he wanted to start “with a bang with the story itself”:

“Some of them appeared in some periodicals and people started asking: “Why didn’t you publish this, and we are very interested and want to know what happened”. And I said to myself that in one of the next editions of the books, it’s the fourth edition, I’m going to include this part because it really sheds more light on the whole context, not just the characters’ characters. The 1930s, about the social phenomena that existed then. The girls go through a variety of movements, spiritual practices, briefly they go through a variety of movements that shaped the look of that era. They went through the Macedonians, through a group, who are like friends of the fascist idea, then through the followers of Tolstoy, through an occult sect, they meet Danov himself, until they finally reach the resistance, where the real story begins”.

A chapter in the second part is devoted specifically to the seizure of power and is “very absurd and paradoxical, authentic in its own way.”

The idea for the novel came to the writer because of a Sofia street named after the partisans and “so small that they didn’t even bother to rename it after the changes”.

It is very important that history remains history, and not dictate our agenda now,” emphasizes Popov regarding the reactions to the comic novel.

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