A dam on the river in the village of Bogdan, Karlovo municipality, was broken

Two reports of rivers overflowing their banks have been received by the Basin Directorate “Eastern White Sea Region” so far, reported the “Basin Directorate” – Plovdiv.

The situation is worst in the village of Bogdan, where more than 20 people were evacuated by helicopter, and others were carried out on ropes. According to BNT, there were injured in the flood.

A dam on the river in the village of Bogdan, Karlovo municipality, was broken. The water floods the village. In some streets, the water has reached 1.5 meters on the first floors of the houses.

Power will be restored at the Sopot Hospital within 24 hours

Heavy rains are the cause

Both reports were forwarded to the Regional Administration, “Irrigation Systems” EAD, Karlovo Municipality. Representatives of the administrations and the chief engineer of “Irrigation Systems” EAD – Maritsa branch were notified immediately and by phone in order to take timely action.

Experts of the Basin Directorate “Eastern White Sea Region” are inspecting territories around Stryama river, to monitor river levels in the Eastern White Sea region. The aim is for them to see both through the early warning systems and through contact with the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Due to the continuing rains, the level of the Stryama River at the bridge of the village of Banya is rising. Elsewhere in the Eastern White Sea region, there are no reports of floods as a result of incoming water from rivers.

According to data from the early warning system for the watershed of the Maritsa and Tundzha rivers, the river levels (with the exception of the Stryama River) are below the alarm thresholds and are not expected to be reached even after the rainfall in the coming days.

They declared a state of emergency because of a gaping pit in Ustovo district of Smolyan

Access to the problem area on “Alexander Stamboliyski” Street is restricted

An organization has been created for the collection and summarization of operational information, contact is maintained with the units on duty at the regional and municipal administrations, mayors of settlements,Irrigation Systems” EAD, Main Directorate “Supervision of dam walls and their facilities” of DAMTN, NEK “Enterprise dams and cascades”“, the regional structures of PBZN.

By processing operational information the state of the dams, rivers, as well as critical sections of dams and fortifications is monitored and affected settlements. Continuous contact is maintained with the competent authorities in the area of ​​the compromised dam on the Stryama River.

The Ministry of War announced that a second “Cougar” military helicopter joined the rescue operations in Karlovsko. They brought foodstuffs, water and other basic necessities to those affected by the flood and the rescue teams operating in the villages affected by the torrential rains in Karlovsko.

Due to the disruption of roads in the Sub-Balkans due to the torrential rains, in the isolated areas the delivery will be made by helicopter. In this way, the rescue teams of employees of the Main Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population, military personnel from the Ground Forces and representatives of other institutions will continue to work in the field at night and tomorrow.

Earlier today, another military helicopter “Cougar” airlifted people injured by the disaster in the region.

NSlS investigates the causes of the floods in Karlovsko

NSlS investigates the causes of the floods in Karlovsko

The head of the State Security Service, the military and the regional minister went to the affected area

Regional Minister Ivan Shishkov is also on the spot and promised that his department will help the victims with everything possible.

Meanwhile, it became clear that two emergency medical teams from CSMP Plovdiv were sent to Karlovo. If necessary, they can provide urgent assistance to evacuated residents in the affected by heavy rains and flooded settlements in Karlovsko. The Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medizhiev, is in constant contact with the Minister of Defense, Dimitar Stoyanov, and if necessary, medical assistance in the affected areas will be further strengthened.

The Plovdiv Waterworks notified the mayor of the Sopot municipality that due to the heavy rains and clouding of the water sources, there may be a lack of water supply in the villa area and the higher parts of the town of Sopot. The waterworks assure that the water supply will be restored by tomorrow morning.

In the Karlovo Karavelovo village the main damages are on municipal roads and infrastructure, and their restoration will most likely be taken over by the disaster and accident fund, but the regional ministry is always in close contact with the municipalities, so I want to find out on the spot what we can get involved with. Regional Minister Ivan Shishkov was there.

The situation is worst in the village of Bogdanwhere more than 20 people were evacuated by helicopter and others were carried out on ropes.

According to BNT, the situation is also dire in other settlements in the Karlovy Vary region. The situation is most complicated in several villages through which it passes the incoming river Stryama. The Troyan – Karnare passage is closed due to a landslide. Access to the village of Rozino is limited. There is no electricity in places.

The village of Karavelovo is divided into three parts by the water and is only accessible from the main road to the village of Banya, but even there the bridge is closed. Today, the bridges that connect Karavelovo with neighboring settlements were literally swallowed up by the water element. It also flooded the Sub-Balkan road, and a cannery and a house in the village of Stoletovo were literally taken over by the Stryama River.

The bridge of the village of Slatina has been compromisedthere are flooded shops and houses, the whole village of Rozino is also in water, which can only be entered by high-terrain vehicles. There are downed power poles and power supply is limited. The critical situation united the efforts of state, military, local and municipal structures. There are already volunteers who are ready to help.

A huge wave woke people in Karavelovo early in the morning.

In places there was a two-meter wave.

It’s a miracle that so far we don’t have any serious news about dead and injured people, it’s really a miracle, such a flood poured from the sky doesn’t happen every time“, said Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov – Director of the DG “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”.

Rescue operations are continuing to evacuate people from the flooded areas.

According to Krasimir Dimitrov from the Sofia rescue service, two women and a child were rescued.

“We plan to use the helicopters to deliver food and water to those who are on the other side of the river. Specialists are traveling – sappers who will inspect the area where a pontoon bridge can be placed so that we can make the connection with the other side of the river “said Admiral Emil Eftimov – Chief of Defense.

Teams of volunteers are deployed along the Stryama River until its confluence with the Maritsa River from noonto inform about the appearance of a new high wave.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen so much water, and people rightly react, because maybe it’s the second or third time they’ve been flooded by this very river during heavy rains. I really think the state should take measures to clean the river bed,” said Miroslav Kolev – mayor of the village of Stoletovo.

An investigation into the causes of the flood by the National Investigation Service also began.

We have initial evidence of uncontrolled logging that could be causally related“, said Yuliana Petkova – Deputy Director of the National Investigation Service.

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