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GERB opened its election campaign in Pleven (video)

GERB opened its election campaign in Pleven (video)
GERB opened its election campaign in Pleven (video)

Eurofunds are the only chance for Northwest and Western Bulgaria to get a better life. This was said by GERB leader Boyko Borisov during the start of the election campaign in Pleven.

“During the Bulgarian EU presidency, the financial framework for the following years was adopted. Bulgaria was not cut of funds after Brexit. We even received 2 billion more”, added Borisov.

He emphasized that only in Bulgaria during the EU presidency did all the leaders of the European Union come – from the chancellor of Germany, through the president of France and everyone else. “This happened because we were good, we were very good. We made our way into the waiting room of the Eurozone and our acceptance into the European Banking Union,” added the GERB leader.

Borisov specified that at the moment Bulgaria has received zero from the European solidarity for recovery from the crisis caused by the pandemic due to the coronavirus.

“Can you imagine the illiteracy and lack of interest!? And lobbying for the private interests of the “change”. It was not by chance that they got Gemcorp,” said Borisov.

He added that the “Change” robs directly from people’s pockets with water, oil, gasoline, methane and gas. And he added that at the moment there is nothing that has improved, and everything is broken.

“We left BGN 1 billion in a special account to complete the Hemus highway. Their biggest pride is that they stopped the Hemus and the Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo road. What investments will you attract when the TIR travels at ten an hour on roads that have not been maintained for two years?”, asked Boyko Borisov.

“Four billion and six hundred million BGN have flown out of Bulgaria in recent months through intermediaries. That is why this party of intermediaries must be defeated. Instead of upgrading, they destroyed everything that has been done. At the most rough estimate, 30 million a day leave Bulgaria for the mediators of this party!, said Borisov.

He added that the previous rulers came with loud promises to build highways and bridges, and after a year, there is not a meter of them.

“It’s easy to promise, it’s hard to work and it’s hard to make money to pay. We have the weakest investment climate and the highest food prices thanks to the party of “change”, the DB and the BSP. In a year and half! Instead of building on the change, they destroyed everything done, the GERB leader added.

Buying and selling votes is a crime!

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