Borisov crushed Kiril and Asen to start the campaign

The GERB-SDS coalition opened its election campaign with an event in Pleven. GERB leader Boyko Borisov spoke to party supporters and reporters there.

He emphasized that inflation in our country is currently “monstrous” and asked: “In this situation, what are they talking about raising pensions and salaries?”

“There is no area where anything has improved – everything has crumbled. The changes destroyed everything that had been done”, Borisov also commented. And he called the formation of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev “white-collar workers” and “a party of mediators, which must be defeated in every possible way.”

“It is not important who raises the pensions, but who pays them. We will double them, but someone else will come and pay them.” This is how the GERB leader commented on the increase in money for pensioners. He emphasized that it is hard to work and hard to earn money to raise the payments.

“We had the best presidency in the EU. We made our way into the waiting room of the Eurozone and our acceptance into the European Banking Union,” said Boyko Borisov.

“With Boyko, oil was BGN 2, gasoline was BGN 2.20 – with you it is BGN 3.70. Here are the 12 years that their PR people talk about. There is no area where anything has improved, everything is destroyed,” he added.

“The slogan when I was a candidate for mayor of Sofia was ‘General change’. They also copied that, they couldn’t come up with anything. Instead of building on the change, they destroyed everything that had been done. They didn’t make a birdhouse, a bike lane, they didn’t do anything “, said the leader of GERB.


One lev per liter of fuel compensation was proposed by Borisov. “You see, since Kiro and Asen have been gone, the fuels have started going down. They’ve been robbing you,” he said.

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