Immediately clean the Maritsa river, alive…

Immediately clean the Maritsa river, alive…
Immediately clean the Maritsa river, alive…

Slavcho Atanasov, Mayor of Plovdiv /2007-2011/ and Member of Parliament in the 43rd and 44th National Assembly, appealed to the current mayor Zdravko Dimitrov to urgently start the cleaning of the Maritsa River in order to avoid disasters like today’s in Karlovsko. I am aware that money is never enough, but there are priorities, Atanasov pointed out. And he recalled that during his mayoralty in 2010, the river was cleaned with municipal funds in the amount of BGN 2.5 million. Do not wait for money from the state, but act immediately, urges Dimitrov’s predecessor. Here is the full text of his Facebook post:

“My friends, I have noticed that every year there are but two dangerous times for the inhabited places through which rivers pass. At the end of winter, when the snows melt from the mountains, and at the end of summer, when there are almost always heavy rains. And always during these periods we have flooded villages and towns. And this year it was like that. Fortunately, Plovdiv, for now it is unfortunate. But how long will it be like this?

We all remember the terrible flood in August 2005. The levees failed and were breached in 4 places. People in the most dangerous places were evacuated.

I am writing all this because the condition of the river is not good at the moment. The last time we basically cleaned it was in 2010 with heavy equipment, with which the self-grown trees in the riverbed were removed by the roots. Ecologists have previously provided guidance on which trees to save for rare birds by marking them. Since then the river has not been touched and it is normal to be in this bad state. I appeal to my colleague Mr. Dimitrov to urgently start cleaning the river. I realize that money is never enough, but there are priorities. The lives and safety of people and the city always come first. Mr. Mayor should not wait for money from the state for such a key problem, because they can come, but we can stay with the expectation. Especially with this frequent change of governments. In 2010, the river was cleaned with money from the municipal budget, with the cleaning company initially covering the costs, and the municipality subsequently reimbursing the invested funds. Then we managed about BGN 2.5 million. Now they need three times as much money. But 12 years have passed.

I will not comment on the value of the venture. There are experts and financiers for that. I am convinced that Mr. Dimitrov will only find support for such an important issue. We cannot rely only on God’s favor and our luck!”

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