Denitsa Sacheva: We are ready to work 24 hours a day to overcome the “Change” crises – 2022.09.02 – Political

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This is what the regional coordinator and leader of the list of GERB-Dobrich Denitsa Sacheva said today at the start of the election campaign.

In her words, political dilettantism has broken the state’s finances, and the mantra of zero tolerance for corruption has turned out to be zero tolerance for laws and the Constitution. “The former rulers brought back the middlemen in every sphere. The fighters with Gazprom made it so that today Bulgaria only buys Russian gas – again from Gazprom and at a higher price. The famous boast that they have raised pensions is also a big manipulation. Bulgarian pensioners received supplements to their pensions before, and the increase according to the Swiss rule was voted in the state budget already the previous year”, Sacheva pointed out and added that the real growth of the average pension in Borisov 3’s cabinet is 53.5%. Kiril Petkov’s cabinet raised the average pension by 9%.

In front of the other candidates for people’s representatives and GERB sympathizers, the regional coordinator emphasized that it is time to return to reality and to the people who have proven to be able to pull the country out of crises and return it to the path of modern European development. At the start of the campaign, a water ceremony was held in the church of “St. Georgi” in Dobrich, and the party members wished each other success and stability for Bulgaria.


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