A car crashed into a house in Smolyan

A car crashed into a house in Smolyan
A car crashed into a house in Smolyan

A car crashed this evening into a house on “Natalia” street in Smolyan, saw BTA broadcast. The wrecked car crossed into the oncoming lane and hit the first floor of the house. The driver, who appears to be in his 20s, was not injured in the collision.

This is the third case of a car hitting this house, after many drivers speed through this section, explains Spasena Raeva, owner of the property.

There are three roundabouts in Smolyan, a fourth is currently under construction. Two of them had accidents over the weekend. On Saturday at 6.36…

According to her, during the night hours on “Natalia” street you can also hear car races. Damage from the accident is visible on the facade and doors of the house.

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