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The weather will calm down over the weekend

102 liters per square meter of rain was registered in Ruse in the last 48 hours, NIMH informed NOVA. 67 liters is the amount in Dobrich, 61 liters in Varna, 47 liters in Vratsa and 45 liters in Pazardzhik. Only during the hours of the past night in Dobrich and Ruse, 55 l./sq.m. m., and in Ahtopol the devices measured 39 l.

After the irrigation rains along the passage of a massive front, the weather will calm down over the weekend. Precipitation will decrease significantly, the sun will appear, but it will remain cool.

BY THE END OF THE WEEK: Precipitation decreases, it remains cool

On Saturday morning, it will be foggy in the areas of precipitation and calm weather. Cloudiness during the day will be fluctuating, more significant in the central and eastern parts of the Danube plain, where it will rain in the early hours. Later in the afternoon, however, precipitation will be more likely in the Rilo-Rhodope massif and in the extreme northeast. There will be wind, sometimes strong, in the northeastern regions, and daytime temperatures will be in the range of 22-28 degrees, with the highest values ​​in Southeastern Bulgaria.

A downpour flooded “Captain Andreevo” (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

Sunday will again start with reduced visibility in some low points of the country. Clouds will remain with frequent breaks through the early afternoon and more cloud later. There will be conditions for short-term summer rains in the hours until the evening, mostly in Southwest Bulgaria. Daytime temperatures will rise by a degree or two and will fluctuate between 24 and 29 degrees.

Heavy rain blocked main boulevards in Ruse


In the first two days of next week, short afternoon rains will still be possible in Southwest Bulgaria, on Tuesday they will be only in isolated places. It will then be mostly sunny with rising daytime temperatures for almost the rest of the week. From Friday to Saturday, the thermometers in the traditionally hot spots of the country will show over 35 degrees.

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