Water hell closed Kapitan Andreevo, drivers are evacuated (PHOTOS)

The pouring rain that night turned the border crossing “Capitan Andreevo” and the Turkish Kapukule into a lake, “Maritsa” reported.

Bulgaria had to close the border due to the rising waters to such an extent that the cars at the checkpoint began to fill up with the incoming water, reported the Turkish daily Hurriyet.

Those who crossed the Kapakule checkpoint and reached the Bulgarian border remained in the buffer zone and began to return to Turkey.

Although the heavy rain that fell in the evening was short-lived, it caused major problems. It is not known when the border will be opened. Turkish businessman Jafir Aksoy told the Sözcü daily: “The rain that fell suddenly was short, but it flooded everything around. Again we were lucky to escape the sudden rush of water.

But many cars and other vehicles remained in the border area. The Bulgarian authorities stopped the servicing of cars at the customs office. The entrance to Bulgaria was closed. For this reason, those who remained in the buffer zone were also forced to return to Turkey,” he added.

Turkish media reported that ambulances, Ankara Presidential Emergency and Natural Disasters Directorate (AFAD) teams and fire engines are working intensively in the region. AFAD teams are trying to help people in the region with inflatable boats.

The border area between the two countries was seen to be more affected by the flood and boats were directed there.

Many cars were blocked at the border. The vehicles leaving from Edirne Kapakule for Bulgaria had to return, the Hurriyet daily confirmed.

The heavy rain that started in the evening on the border with Bulgaria and Edirne continued and intensified. In many areas near Edirne there are places of flooding. Cars are blocked due to the closure of the roads by the incoming water.

Locals who had come to Edirne for a one-day market were preparing to leave the Kapakule border crossing while Bulgarian authorities stopped the processing of vehicles at the customs post. Long queues of vehicles formed at the Kapakule border post.

This is the second flood in the area in the last 10 days. On August 23, a torrential downpour again flooded the Turkish checkpoint Kapakule and disrupted traffic to Bulgaria.

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