Anton Kutev: There are risks that Bulgaria will remain without gas

03 September 2022 | 09:15

/KROSS/ In the studio of BNT, Anton Kutev said that rescue teams have been in Karlovsko since the beginning of the disaster. “We try to do everything so that dramatic things don’t happen. An inspection of the river bed is being carried out, and the investigation has started, which should establish what the reasons are. The most important thing is to save people, there is the fire chief Nikolov. Everything possible is being done to save people, that is the first task”.

The fact is that the price of the tankers, according to the contracts concluded by the previous government, their real price is much more than BGN 400, and the business claims that it cannot take more than BGN 250, and KEVR set a gas price of BGN 350. , Kutev explained. “The gas connection for Azeri gas must be launched, and secondly, all gas supply options beyond that must be negotiated – all of them. There are risks that Bulgaria will remain without gas this winter, or at least that the quantities will not be sufficient. The price of the ones agreed by the Petkov government is over BGN 400, and these are the tankers we currently have.”

The decision to stop supplies from Gazprom is a political one, but Bulgaria’s needs were not to stop these supplies, Kutev is categorical. “We are starting the talks, where they will lead is a matter of Bulgarian interest. We are also trying to negotiate with Azerbaijan , we continue to work on the interconnector with Greece, we will hold a tender for the supply of liquefied gas”.

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