An interview with the candidate for MP Marin Marinov from Etropole (News, Etropole)

An interview with the candidate for MP Marin Marinov from Etropole (News, Etropole)
An interview with the candidate for MP Marin Marinov from Etropole (News, Etropole)

He is 36 years old, lawyer and economist, native of Etropole. Member of the Sofia Bar Association. Second term Chairman of the Municipal Council – Etropole. He graduated with honors from his secondary education in his native Etropole.

He graduated with honors from his higher education at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Master of Laws. In 2015 graduated from the University of National and World Economy, receiving a second higher education – majoring in International Economic Relations.

Since 2015 works as a lawyer in his own office. He is currently a candidate for parliament.

Mr. Marinov, we see you again in the lists of candidates for people’s representatives, what are your expectations this time?

I accepted this responsible undertaking, on the one hand, with gratitude for the vote of confidence in me, and on the other hand, as an opportunity for our region to have its representative in the National Assembly.

I believe that the third place I occupy in the list of the GERB-SDS coalition is electable, and if I win the trust of my fellow citizens and the people of the district, we will succeed together in this challenge.

At the present moment, I am honorably and responsibly holding the post of Chairman of the Etropole Municipal Council for the second term. I can speak from the first person about all hot topics for our municipality. Much has been done so far, but there are also many things that need to be done if we want the municipality to continue its development.

Currently, there is a lot of apathy among young people regarding topics such as politics, economics, etc.

How did you decide and why did you get to know the GERB-SDS PC?

I chose to be part of the PC GERB-SDS because it is the only right-wing political formation, the formation that stands for traditional European and Christian values.

GERB is the party under whose rule Bulgaria took on a new look. It is enough to take a short walk in Etropole and we will see with our own eyes how much our city has changed, how many good things have happened here. Of course, there are still many unrealized priorities that will have to be worked on.

Against the background of all the crises our country has fallen into, I believe that now is not the time for new experiments. We need stability and predictability, which at this stage only the PC GERB-SDS can offer us.

In my opinion, more young, but also educated people should enter politics, as well as individuals who represent different spheres of social and economic life, who with knowledge and energy should work for the prosperity of our homeland.

If you are elected, what will be your priorities as a representative of the people?

Etropole is my priority. If I am elected as a representative, I will assist in the development of our municipality. I don’t like to make promises! I will only emphasize that my goal is to attract new investments. It is essential to create new jobs and to provide conditions for the opening of new industries, but for this to happen we need to improve the infrastructure, to continue the repairs of the road network. We also need a drinking water treatment plant. It would be good to have more sports facilities, playgrounds and facilities. Ecology and tourism are the other important topics. Our municipality has the potential to develop tourism and establish itself as a tourist destination.

The implementation of each project should be aimed at improving the standard of living and the way of life of the people. As I like to say – Bulgaria – this is us, the people who live here. Everything is in our hands.

What would you tell people to vote for you?

People know me, my family and friends. They can judge for themselves whether I am the one to vote confidence in. They know me outside of Etropole. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have been honest and open with everyone, I have not let anyone down.

If you had to indicate two main priorities for you, what would they be in order to commit to the development of the municipality of Etropole?

We are obliged to ask questions about the repair of the Zlatish Pass and the road to Yamna-Cherni Vit. Their completion would contribute to the “opening” of our municipality, opening it up to new private investments, to tourists, to the movement of people and goods. It will also contribute to establishing it as a tourist destination. “

In addition, I will make efforts to attract key investors, because opening a few new factories would fundamentally change our lives.

They say the future lies with the young. What will you do for young people in Etropole and Sofia region?

That’s right, the young generation deserves special attention. After all, the future of the nation depends on them. There are many young people in Bulgaria who are a source of pride.

Our efforts should be aimed at improving the quality of education and living conditions, but also at providing conditions for practicing sports and other youth activities.

However, our society also owes it to the elderly. We are the ones who should provide them with a decent life, a smooth increase in pensions, affordable health care.

In Etropole, we are developing a number of social services that help our elderly fellow citizens. I believe that expanding the volume of existing and developing new social services would significantly improve the lives of people of retirement age.

What campaign will you bet on to succeed?

I am an honest and positive person, so will the campaign for me. I do not see myself as a professional politician, I do not make plans and strategies for the current campaign. What I rely on is the face-to-face meetings. We will talk about the hot topics, we will look for good solutions. It is the people who set the agenda of the state. I also rely on the media and social networks so that more of our messages can reach every single person.

It is important to motivate more people to get out and vote in the October elections. We must fight apathy together. By all accounts, the coming winter will be tough. We need stability to have a chance to change the situation. If we succeed, it will be a success for Bulgaria!

Hristo Hristov asked the questions

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