The parties rode the Tobacco City electorally

The parties rode the Tobacco City electorally
The parties rode the Tobacco City electorally

Half a dozen citizens and a handful of activists from “Vazrazhdane” and “Democratic Bulgaria” were the only ones who responded to the invitation of the Acting Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov for a debate on the future of the Tobacco City in Plovdiv. In 48 hours, the minister made three raids to Plovdiv, but nothing constructive came out of his visits. Velislav Minekov turned out to be part of a clumsy political action that brought together the supposedly incompatible “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Vazrazhdane” side by side, riding the sluggish wave of populism.

Minekov would travel to Plovdiv in vain, because it turned out that he had nothing new to say about the problem of the Tobacco City, which has been involved over the years by his wards, the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage (NINKN). The official minister reiterated once again that several buildings, among which the warehouses at 8 “Odrin” Str., which have long since turned into ruins, and the haunted house of Stochna Gara (57 “Hristo Botev” Blvd.), have been granted the status of individual architectural monuments. monuments. With this action, the experts from the NINKN have messed up a new complex case in Plovdiv – to rebuild buildings that have already been demolished, which is complete nonsense.

Russophiles from “Vazrazhdane”, who turned out to be the largest group – about a dozen people – arrived first in the Tobacco City yesterday. Shortly after them, the Euro-Atlanticists from “Democratic Bulgaria” appeared on the field, headed by the candidates for deputies Yordan Ivanov and Veselina Alexandrova. Four citizens circled around them. One stood for a minute, described what was happening as a complete circus and left. Arch. Petkana Bakalova did not come to the protest this time.

The representatives of “Vazrazhdane” ran into the official minister, who, according to them, bears the responsibility for what is happening in the Tobacco City. Minekov passed the ball to NINKN, explaining that the staff at the Institute is extremely limited, and the pay is low, which is why thousands of files are delayed. Minekov once again blamed the Municipality of Plovdiv and admitted that he was working hard with the local administration. He refused to talk to the journalists, explaining that he had come to meet the citizens, and hours earlier he had explained everything about the case with the Tobacco City at a press conference in Sofia. People asked what was happening with the collapsing Concert Hall in Plovdiv, which is state property. And on this issue, however, he got away with the excuse that the delay in the repair is the fault of the Municipality.

Minekov quickly put an end to the pointless sit-in and left, while the dozen policemen sent to the scene to keep an eye on public order wasted their time in the rain.

Photos by Valentina Bilareva

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