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The team of Pirin Blagoevgrad recorded its first success since the beginning of the season in the efbet League! The Eagles did so in the opening ninth round of the championship game and prevailed with 2:1 the visiting team of Botev Vratsa at the “Hristo Botev” stadium.

It all started at the end of the first part, when the captain of the hosts Peter Zanev scored an own goal in the 45th minute, but in stoppage time Stanislav Kostov equalize. Krasimir Stanoev and it brought the complete turnaround and the victory for the hosts, who ended the match with a man less, after Vencislav Benguyuzov was sent off for two yellow cards ten minutes before the end of regular time.

Kostadin Andonov

The hosts deserved the three points because of their better play throughout the match. They had all the situations in the match, after Vracani did not make a single shot on Janko Georgiev’s goal for the entire 90 minutes.

In this way, Pirin now has six points and occupies the 14th position, while Botev Vratsa remains in 12th place with an asset of seven points. In the next round, the “eagles” visit Arda, and Vratsani, who recorded a third consecutive loss, host the champion Ludogorets.


The reviews after the match:

Rosen Kirilov: We had no desire to score a goal

Krasimir Petrov: I am calm, the rumors about my place do not bother me

The hosts started the match strongly and pressed in the first minutes. The first shot at one of the two goals came already in the second minute when Petar Zanev crossed from the left in the penalty area, the ball was cleared, but it reached Krasimir Stanoev in front of the penalty area, who shot, but high over the goal.

The Eagles had a golden chance to open the scoring just two minutes later. Zanev received a pass from the left in the penalty area and crossed to the far post, where Stanislav Kostov headed it to the far post. There, Martin Smolenski shot from two meters, but Diego Ferrareso stood in the way of the ball and blocked right on the goal line.

In the sixth minute, Ventsislav Benguyuzov shot from distance, but Krasimir Kostov managed to hit a corner kick over the crossbar with one hand.

Five minutes later, Pirin had another excellent opportunity. Smolensky and Zanev made an excellent double pass from the left, and the veteran entered the penalty area and crossed sharply on the ground towards the far post, but Ivan Tasev narrowly missed to intercept in Kostov’s goal.


In the following minutes, the tempo of the game dropped, but Krasimir Petrov’s players continued to control the ball more and reach their opponent’s penalty area. The visitors responded with two or three crosses from free kicks and corners, which, however, did not make it difficult for Yanko Georgiev and the defense in front of him.

In the 32nd minute, the very active Zanev crossed from the left into the penalty area, where Tasev played with his chest for Radoslav Tsonev, who shot diagonally from the air, but out.

120 seconds after that, Pirin had another negative scoring chance. Tasev was brought out from the right at speed, entered the penalty area and shot into the near corner, but Kostov parried. The ball again fell to Tasev, who combined with Tsonev, and the former Levski player technically back-heeled for Krasimir Stanoev, who shot, but again Ferrareso stood in the way of the ball and blocked.

At the very end of the first half there was real drama.

First, in the 45th minute, Botev led the score, although he did not make a single shot. Tom Zarandona made a wonderful individual raid from the left and crossed into the penalty area, where goalkeeper Yanko Georgiev came out, but failed to catch the ball, and behind him captain Zanev was surprised and it hit him in the head and fell into his own goal – 0:1.

Pirin managed to equalize in the third minute of added time. Radoslav Tsonev crossed from a corner kick on the border of the goalkeeper’s field, where Stasi Kostov took a better position than Daniel Genov and headed the ball into Krasi Kostov’s goal – 1:1.

The second half started with a shot by Stasi Kostov from a long distance, but the goalkeeper of the visitors dived into his lower right corner and caught.

In the 59th minute, a controversial situation occurred in the penalty area of ​​the visitors from Vratsa. Stanoev crossed from the right in the penalty area, where Ferrareso cleared at the far post in front of Tsonev, but the hosts asked for a penalty in their favor due to a potential play by the visitors’ defender. After a thorough review of the situation with the VAR system, it was decided that there was no violation of the rules and the game continued without a penalty kick.

However, Pirin made a complete turnaround in the 68th minute. Vyacheslav Velev received on the right flank, then crossed to the first post, where Krasimir Stanoev managed to find a good position between Stefan Gavrilov and Messi Biatumusoka, and headed the ball into Krasi Kostov’s goal for 2:1.

Just three minutes later, the Eagles had a chance to decide everything in the match. Stanislav Kostov received in the half of Vracani and immediately led well through the center Radi Tsonev, who advanced and shot dangerously from the arc in front of the penalty area, but past the left post of Krasimir Kostov’s goal.

Ten minutes before the end of regular time, Vencislav Bengyuzov was sent off for two quick yellow cards. The midfielder of the Eagles committed a foul in the center against Vencislav Hristov and the referee showed him a yellow card, which was his second, and so within five minutes he was sent off and left his team with a man less.

In the 86th minute, Kitan Vasilev was brought to the right flank, entered the penalty area and crossed towards its boundary, where Preslav Yordanov shot on the grass from the front against the goal, but too weak and into the hands of Kostov.

Until the end of the match, Pirin did not allow himself to be surprised and kept his lead, thus recording the first success of the 2022/2023 season in the efbet League!


0:1 Petar Zanev (c) (own goal) 45′

1:1 Stanislav Kostov 45+3′

2:1 Krasimir Stanoev 68′

Red card: Vencislav Bengyuzov (Pirin Blagoevgrad) 80′

efbet League9th round

Starting lineups of both teams:

PIRIN BLAGOEVGRAD (4-1-4-1): 21. Yanko Georgiev – 3. Petar Zanev (k) g.k.45. Hristofor Hubchev, 38. Alexander Dyulgerov g.k.19. Vyacheslav Velev – 73. Ventsislav Benguzov 2x heating / c.c. – 18. Martin Smolensky g.k.17. Radoslav Tsonev, 31. Krasimir Stanoev, 26. Ivan Tasev g.k. – 29. Stanislav Kostov

Reservations: Mario Kirev (top), 25. Ilian Kostov, 23. Kazuki Takahashi, 7. Kitan Vasilev, 9. Preslav Yordanov, 10. Slavcho Shokolarov, 6. Yulian Popev,

Head Coach: Krasimir Petrov

BOTEV VRACA (4-2-3-1): 76. Krasimir Kostov (k) – 37. Tom Zarandona, 20. Messi Biatomousoka, 14. Martin Atanasov, 8. Diego Ferrareso – 24. Stefan Gavrilov, 18. Claire Serber g.k. – 15. Miroslav Marinov, 88. Johan Valbuena g.k.21. Jean-Pierre Da Silva – 9. Daniel Genov

Reservations: 34. Federico Rubio (right), 7. Mitko Panov, 16. Plamen Spasov, 22. Petar Kepov, 23. Brian Mendoza, 28. Radoslav Zahariev, 91. Vencislav Hristov

Head Coach: Rosen Kirilov

Chief Judge: Stanimir Trenchev, Sofia city

Stadium: “Hristo Botev”, city of Blagoevgrad

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