The Hunting and Fishing Society in Dobrich celebrates its 125th anniversary – From the day


Photo: Maya Shtarbanova

The Dobrich Hunting and Fishing Society celebrates 125 years since its establishment today. At the meeting, organized on the occasion of the anniversary, the new Hunting House will be opened, as well as the area for rifled weapons in the hunting and shooting complex of the association.

The Dobrich Hunting and Fishing Association has 966 hunters and fishermen, united in 33 groups. It manages 36 hunting and farming areas with a total area of ​​over 119 thousand hectares.

With the construction of the new hunting lodge, the society has realized its long-standing dream, stated its chairman Iliya Mihailov.

“The hunting lodge will be used by all associations. That is, the goal is that the hunting lodge is not used at the association, management level”

The company also deals with the artificial displacement of animals, and in the last year about 1300 partridges and pheasants and 160 rabbits were displaced.

At the meeting, hunters and veterans will be awarded, and a rich program has been prepared for all those present. It starts at 10:00 a.m. in the Kobaklaka area.

Photographs: Maya Shtarbanova

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