Five places in Bulgaria to visit in September

Five places in Bulgaria to visit in September
Five places in Bulgaria to visit in September

The month of September brings with it a certain nostalgia for the already passing summer.

At the same time, autumn has not yet fully arrived and temperaturesthey are more than good and suitable for walking.

If you still don’t want to switch to work mode and you have another day off, you should definitely not miss taking advantage of the last sunny days, writes Vesti. Take the time to tour the country and enjoy the beautiful placeswhich offers.

For the occasion, we have selected five destinations that are extremely suitable for visiting during September. You can explore them even for a day or a weekend.

Here they are:

1. Veliko Tarnovo

The old capital is a suitable destination in any season, but during September is particularly beautiful. When the leaves of the trees start to fall, the views of the city turn into real magic. Veliko Tarnovo can also boast of holding a number of festivals and thematic events throughout the year and especially in September. If you decide to visit the place on the 6th or 22nd Septemberyou can enjoy a themed holiday program, as well as the light and sound show “Sound and Light”.

2. Etara, Gabrovo

One of the must-sees places we have the regional open-air ethnographic museum “Eter” in Gabrovo. The autumn picture makes the place shine even brighter and can captivate you with its authentic atmosphere. If you have more time, you can also visit the “Bacho Kiro” cave, the “Assumption” Sokol Monastery, as well as the famous “House of Humor and Satire” museum in Gabrovo.

3. Belogradchik rocks

The Belogradchik rocks are an exceptional natural phenomenon that glorifies Bulgaria Worldwide. The rock formations have a special spirit that captivates all visitors. Also nearby is the Magurata Cave, which is a must-see destination for anyone who loves it Bulgaria and wants to get acquainted with the most ancient history of our lands. Through September it is especially suitable to visit this area and the surrounding area, so keep that in mind.

4. Rupite locality

Rupi is a destination that is often overlooked when organizing tourist walks around the country, but it is definitely worth it. Rupite is a protected area located on the banks of the Struma River, at the eastern foot of the Kozhuh volcanic hill. The place is mostly associated with the prophetess Vanga, who lived in the area. There is the temple-monument “St. Petka Bulgarska”, built in 1994 with funds provided by Vanga.

5. Ruse

The city on the Danube is known for its aristocratic buildings and beautiful streets. When the heat is over, a temperaturesthey are still pleasant, it is best to visit this city. There you can enjoy various cultural events as well as the remarkable “Transportation Museum”. In the vicinity of ruse you can also explore the Ivanovo rock churches and the “St. Dimitar Basarabovski” Rock Monastery.

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