Bulgaria is a European country, but with Russian-minded rulers

Bulgaria is a European country, but with Russian-minded rulers
Bulgaria is a European country, but with Russian-minded rulers

More and more people – refusing to understand this until recently – understand that Bulgaria’s path has always depended on Russia’s. All the key changes in our country – 1878, 1944, 1989 – were the work of Russia.

We are a European country, but with Russian-type institutions and rulers with a Russian mentality. Ergo, there can be no significant change in our country without complete liberation from Russian domination, as Stambolov did in 1886. And which relative freedom lasted until 1944.

Therefore, it is important to understand what is happening in Russia in order to know what will happen in our country.

Today I came across an interview of a former Russian MP – a colonel from the KGB, now an emigrant in Varna – who confirms the dense Russian agent network in our country, which has entangled the entire country. And this network can hardly be broken with our forces – it will depend on the outcome of the war and whether we will benefit from the help of our NATO allies, especially the USA.

Russia – ever since Alexander Nevsky chose to fight the Europeans instead of the Mongols to save the “soul” of Russia – will always remain imperial in character and predominantly Asian in mentality as long as it exists. And our chance is in the small historical windows of her weakness to take advantage to break away once and for all.

It is now at the end of another cycle of power, which usually includes three stages:

A. Stagnation with a huge lag behind the West

B. Liberalization, reforms and stealing technology from the West to close the gap

C. Returning to its meaning – a powerful state with a single leader-dictator, suffocation of all freedoms and stagnation again.

If you think about it – after 1989, Bulgaria followed the same steps, synchronizing its development cycle with the Russian one.

This is possible because of the huge number of mercenaries at the top of the state, who by selling “loyalty” earn much more than they could by selling any expert skills in a democratic model society.

Russia has built our social model through these people (“rubblers”), and through investments from the kickbacks of its companies in our country, it maintains a huge presence in our publicity, which increases the number of useful idiots who support this model in elections. And they serve him, regardless of who is in power in the Kremlin.

Therefore, the most important task of the Change is to change the key people at all levels in our services, justice system and public administration. People with no blemishes in the past, with successful careers, with quality education. And severing insidious ties with Russia as he licks his post-Putin wounds.

The shots will really decide everything.

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