The subject of Tobacco City has been looking for a solution for years

The subject of Tobacco City has been looking for a solution for years
The subject of Tobacco City has been looking for a solution for years

The Tobacco City thread has been looking for a solution for years and can’t find it. We all want Tobacco City to become an attractive place and legally, no one in the administration wants to break the law. This was stated at a special press conference yesterday by the mayor of Plovdiv, Zdravko Dimitrov, who interrupted his vacation to give explanations on the subject of the tobacco warehouses demolished yesterday at 29 G. M. Dimitrov St. and 51 Hristo Botev Blvd., a reporter reported. on Plovdiv

Over the years, the owners have submitted documents to the NINKN, but there is no movement on the files.

“Yesterday I was told that projects for 5 billion BGN are maturing at NINKN. Once there were 2,700 people working, now there are 44. How about they take measures!” Dimitrov responded.

The mayor declared that the Municipality of Plovdiv is “For” compliance with the laws and declared approval of the inspection by the Economic Police.

“It can’t be when an owner, who bought a building that is not a monument of culture, decides to do something, they say: “It will be done”. If this building falls, it will reach the other lane (b.a. – on the blvd. ” Hristo Botev). What will happen to me and the owners? Will Petkana (b.a. – arch. Petkana Bakalova) come to justify me?” Dimitrov was angry.

He himself is connected to the Tobacco City, as a child he used to walk there, and his parents and his brother worked in the Cigarette Factory, and that is why he wants the Tobacco City to become a real Tobacco City and belong to the people of Plovdiv.

On August 17, the municipality of Plovdiv received a letter stating that the procedure for granting status to 12 buildings in the Tobacco City has begun. The warehouse of “Hristo Botev” 51 was not included in the list and it was said that it was not a monument. Yesterday, during the visit of the Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov, it became clear that the Specialized Expert Council for the Protection of Immovable Cultural Values ​​(SESONCC) recommends that it be given status.

Arch. Plamena Andonova from the Territorial Planning Directorate in Plovdiv Municipality, the process of announcing regimes has been going on for more than 5 years. In one year since she worked in the municipality, only two commissions have come.

The owners of the warehouses, the demolition of which began yesterday, are not in violation of the documents, added Arch. Andonova. The applications for the upcoming demolition of the sites at “Hristo Botev” 51 were received on August 1 and the municipality must approve them within 14 days by law.

“After the applications were received, we already informed the NINKN on August 5 that there are investment intentions, because we know that a procedure has started. But we have no legal basis to refuse,” explained Arch. Andonova.

For the warehouse of “GM Dimitrov” 29, a notification has also been duly submitted that it is about to be demolished.

The municipality has no information about investment intentions for the land. According to the ZUT, the owner can demolish a building on his property.

Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov also stated that the institutions in Sofia are preventing everything that needs to happen in Plovdiv in every possible way.

“Since when has the concept of Tyutyunev city been around and nothing is happening? They delayed seven months in Sofia for the Southern bypass collector. 7 months! If you are the owner – how will you react?” – asked Dimitrov rhetorically.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture, Archeology and Tourism, Plamen Panov, asked why the NINKN did not do anything for the Tobacco City in Plovdiv and directly accused the institute of not complying with the law.

“Institutions must help each other. Then we would not be talking about ZUT, but about ZKN” – said Panov.

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