Astrology by Svetlana Tilkova-Alena, especially for “Labor”: Again elections during retrograde Mercury

Astrology by Svetlana Tilkova-Alena, especially for “Labor”: Again elections during retrograde Mercury
Astrology by Svetlana Tilkova-Alena, especially for “Labor”: Again elections during retrograde Mercury

October 2nd is the worst possible date

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Out of four possible dates for early parliamentary elections, two in September and two in October, President Radev, consciously and subconsciously, envied harmony, did not betray his destructive nature and scheduled the upcoming elections on the worst possible date for Bulgaria according to her date of birth 10/27/679 And if you don’t understand what I’m telling you, I’ll explain.

The date of birth of the state has nothing to do with the parties, with their political activity and election battles. For some, October 2 will be good, for others – bad for their election results. But we all live in Bulgaria and are subject to her date of birth and the personal year she is currently in.

To be understood, I will give a profane example. If we assume that the parties are cars, one is a Moskvich, another a Zaporozhets, a third an Opel, a fourth a Porsche, and so on, all these cars must move along the road called Bulgaria.

With his desire to constantly reign chaos, in which Radev lives like the Balkan Putin, our president not only did not allow us to move on an ordinary asphalt road, I am not talking about a highway, but also drove us over ditches and chukars, which are not even road idea. This is what the date October 2 means. The chaos and suffering continues.

I am aware that for the majority of Bulgarian politicians Bulgaria is a pathetic learned phrase with no place in their hearts and souls. It is important that their personal, party interest or dependencies are satisfied. I realize that the chaos seems to have been deliberately maintained, but when the current mediocre native politicians go down in history, the next generations will pay the consequences of their incompetence, narcissistic egotism and self-centeredness.

Three years ago I opened the curtain on our troubled future for the next nine years, until the 2030s in the hope that it will be avoided. Holy naivety of mine! Thanks to Borisov, Radev and his political children Petkov and Vassilev, Bulgaria is in ruins and without war.

The President’s orders

High hopes turn into disappointments

On August 1, 2022, President Radev’s Decree 212 on the formation of an interim government, as well as Decree 213 on the dissolution of the National Assembly and the scheduling of parliamentary elections, were published in the State Gazette.

For Radev, the year is about communicating with unsuitable partners. His month is one of submission, and his day of difficulties that he cannot avoid. The official cabinet will face difficulties, which it is possible that it will not be able to overcome in a way that is good for the state and the people.

Decree 212, which was announced and signed on August 1 and took effect on August 2.

Due to the stabilization of the negative development of Bulgaria, the vibration of changes has the potential to deepen it, by outlining the president of difficult changes, due to unexpected and unpredictable obstacles. It requires analysis and awareness of mistakes, but by whom? Certainly not from President Radev with his personal difficult day on August 2, which has made him the only person with the validating signature.

Decree 213, announced and signed on August 1, in force from August 2, is the bearer of a desire for stability, but again in a year and a day of difficulties for the president, who outlines the caretaker government and stabilizes the negatives. The high hopes for overcoming the crisis in Bulgaria before the elections may turn into disappointment, heralding a hard winter for the people.

Election day

Problems for both the puppeteers and the people

Again ruled by retrograde Mercury, which means trouble and trouble again. And for the puppeteers and for the people. And it could have been different if the president had determined the good date for the vote, which is October 9. Lest it turn out that seven days apart promise us seven months of trouble until the next snap election.

The campaign starts on September 2, 2022, which from a numerological point of view requires tact, harmony, patience, moderation so as not to create negative karma, but none of these useful astrological recommendations will be followed. Aimless fights and insulting the opponent will crush even the most fleeting constructive beginning.

From September 10, the retrograde movement of Mercury begins. On October 2, Mercury ends its retrograde movement at 12:08 p.m. Election day will have started six hours ago.

20 days of the election campaign will be in retrograde Mercury. Therefore, all politicians should be careful what they say, how much they lie and what promises they make. Aggression within the parties themselves will be activated, which is very bad. As they say they are making coalitions, they will fight each other and there will be no understanding, which will alienate voters.

During the campaign, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus and prompts us to change our thought process, which is by no means easy, because there are people who are frantically clinging to their material nature and hatred for someone, and it does not cross their mind that if turned to the human in themselves and in the people around them, if they sought a compromise, it would fix their problems.

On October 2, the day of the election, the emotion rules everyone and it is possible that the voters after waking up, disgusted by everything they heard, decide not to vote. The composite date of the state requires analysis and awareness of the mistakes that our people should no longer repeat during elections. But, alas, through the attempts at hypocritical and servile behavior of dishonest people, aspiring to power again, the mistakes will be aggravated and multiplied.

Bulgaria continues to be in ruins and the laughing stock of the world, unless in the clouds of the Bulgarian political paradise the suffering of the people is seen as a good that must be continued.

Bulgaria’s personal year

Bulgaria is in a personal year of stabilization, but the stabilization is of everything negative, created as state policy in the previous nine months. Nine whole years will be needed to determine whether the next such year of our homeland is already on positive stabilization or we will continue to follow the tail of Europe. No one is to blame, we create our own destiny.

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