Despite the torrential rains in Bulgaria: Huge queues of cars on “Makaza” in the direction of Greece

Despite the torrential rains in Bulgaria over the last 24 hours, a queue of waiting cars for more than 3 kilometers is winding at the Makaza border crossing at this moment. This is shared on social networks by travelers to our southern neighbor.

The traffic in the direction of Greece has been extremely intense since the early hours of today, even though it is already the month of September. The reason – many people merge the weekend with the upcoming holiday on September 6. The traffic jams usually dissipate by noon at the latest, travelers say. At this point, however, the queue is barely moving and people are getting nervous. Not a few travelers to the southern neighbor say that they will choose the road through Zlatograd.

Those who crossed into Greek territory through “Makaza” write that they spent almost an hour at the border. Others who are at the border after 8:00 a.m. say the crossing takes nearly 2 hours. The waiting cars are mostly with Bulgarian registration, but there are also quite a few Romanian cars.

Traditionally, summer weekends begin with long queues at the border points to Greece, and despite the bad weather, this week is no exception. Summer is already coming to an end and many people have decided to take advantage of the last rays of sun on the Greek beaches, merging the holidays.

We remind you that the Turkish border crossing with Bulgaria “Kapakule” was closed to cars for three hours after a downpour last night.

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