Does Bulgaria have the money to buy gas?

Does Bulgaria have the money to buy gas?
Does Bulgaria have the money to buy gas?

“There is a very serious financial element. The crisis has a financial prism and this is the need for resources in the energy sector so that gas supplies can be purchased. There is a problem with liquidity and it is dictated by the increased price of gas for September”.

This was said by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev in the program “This Saturday”.

He emphasized that we are doing our best to provide the necessary resource and we will provide it.

“We are doing our best to establish quick contact with the top management of the various international banks and we are working at full steam,” Pulev added.

“All colleagues in the office support and have united around this thesis of diversification, diversification, diversification. I am part of the crisis headquarters for solving the situation in the energy sector since the very foundation Gazprom has been mentioned only and only in the context as one of all suppliers. We are talking about sustainability of supply here. We are all united around having sustainable supplies at market prices that are competitive for businesses in order to avoid an avalanche of bankruptcies for small and medium-sized enterprises,” explained Pulev.

When to expect the first payments under the Recovery Plan – Watch in the video.

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