Official: In 7 months, Petkov and Vasilev spent over 400,000 to fly on government planes (LIST)

Official: In 7 months, Petkov and Vasilev spent over 400,000 to fly on government planes (LIST)
Official: In 7 months, Petkov and Vasilev spent over 400,000 to fly on government planes (LIST)

Within six months, former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and his Finance Minister Asen Vassilev spent the sum of over 400 thousand BGN to fly with the government’s Airbus and Falcon. This is reported by journalist Sonia Koltuklieva, attaching a report sent by Acting Prime Minister Galab Donev.

A few days ago, Koltuklieva sent questions to Donev and an application for the provision of information under the Law on Access to Public Information regarding the State Aviation Operator:

1. How many times were the planes used – to which destinations?

2. At whose request and order?

3. On which dates?

4. Who were the passengers?

5. How much do these flights cost?

6. Who declared and ordered the trip Sofia-Thessalonica-Sofia in June 2022 with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on board; who were the other passengers; what was the cost to the public account of this flight?»

Here is the response of the Council of Ministers:



Kiril Petkov – Prime Minister

1. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 17.12.2021, BGN 10,297.60

2. SOFIA-SKOPJE-SOFIA 18.01.2022, BGN 28,744.43.

3. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 27.01.2022, BGN 10,493.41

4. SOFIA-BELGRADE-SOFIA 08.02.2022, BGN 6,219.13

5. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-MUNICH-SOFIA 17.02.2022, BGN 29,101.91

6. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 24.02.2022, BGN 13,471.96.

7. SOFIA-PARIS-ANTALIA-SOFIA 10.03.2022, BGN 70,476.26

8. SOFIA-RUSE-VARNA-SOFIA 15.03.2022, BGN 6,327.47


10. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 25.03.2022, BGN 38,908.23


12. SOFIA-ATHENS-SOFIA 04/08/2022, BGN 11,209.40


14. SOFIA-VARNA-SOFIA 18.04.2022, BGN 4,683.28

15. SOFIA-BUCHAREST-SOFIA 29.04.2022., BGN 5,922.76.

16. SOFIA-ALEXANDROUPOLIS-SOFIA 03.05.2022, BGN 4,627.83

17. SOFIA-ROME-SOFIA 05/22/2022, BGN 36,942.70.

18. SOFIA-ZURICH-SOFIA 25.05.2022, BGN 13,142.25

19. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 30.05.2022 19,168.59

Falcon 2000 aircraft

TOTAL: BGN 338,943.73.

Asen Vasilev – Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds and Minister of

the finances

20. SOFIA-ATHENS-SOFIA 22.02.2022 BGN 7,526.81

21. SOFIA-BRUSSELS-SOFIA 28.04.2022 BGN 14,246.69

TOTAL: BGN 21,773.50.

Special flight for the evacuation of the crew of the ship “Tsarevna”

22. SOFIA-SOCHI-VARNA-SOFIA 18.04.2022 BGN 53,895.75.

TOTAL: 414,612.90

According to preliminary calculations by the State Aviation Operator, the flight performed on the route Sofia-Thessaloniki-Sofia with an AIRBUS A 319 aircraft, carried out by order of the Prime Minister on 10 – 11.06.2022, is worth about BGN 25,613.57.

A scandal with a wide public response erupted in June 2022, when it became clear that Kiril Petkov and Lena Borislavova flew on the government plane from Sofia to Thessaloniki, without the Bulgarian Prime Minister fully participating in the “summit meeting” on the Process of cooperation in Southeast Europe, hosted by Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis. A video and photos were circulated in the media showing the Prime Minister and the head of his political office having dinner in the luxury restaurant of a 5-star hotel near Thessaloniki. When the government plane landed in Sofia, a police route was provided for Kiril Petkov and Lena Borislavova.

Unofficially, some flights that have become public knowledge are missing from the said list. On February 25 of this year, the government Falcon was mysteriously lifted to drop off Kiril Petkov in Brussels, and then the plane flew to Paris with Asen Vassilev on board.

On April 28, the authorities in the person of Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev and Rumen Radev raised all three government planes. The former prime minister used the state-owned “Spartan” to go to Poland, Rumen Radev was on board the “Airbus” with a flight to Madrid, and Asen Vasilev used the state-owned “Falcon” to go to Brussels.

“In the conditions of severe crises, in the poorest country in the European Union, to spend nearly half a million BGN, in half a year, to afford the luxury of traveling under special conditions – this is a pure example of political cynicism and an unacceptable waste of public resources .

In how many cases – out of these 22 flights in 6 months – did the government plane really have to be lifted?!

I call on the future deputies to form a committee in the 48th Parliament to check all the expenses of the former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, related to the use of the State Aviation Operator!”, Sonia Koltuklieva also wrote.

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