The police stopped the demolition of another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv

They stopped the demolition of another tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv, planned for today, BNR reports.

It is about the building on “Hristo Botev” Blvd., next to Stochna Gara. Police cordoned off the warehouse and denied access to the owner Plamen Moravenov.

He stated that he had an agreed Safety and Health Plan and Construction Waste Management Plan issued to him as early as the first demolition attempts in 2018. There were three failed attempts.

“By law, after 2017, it is not renegotiated, but nevertheless we have renegotiated from 2020. And now we did not push it, because we are cooperating with law enforcement even though there is no suspension documentMoravenov emphasized and added that the site is not a cultural monument.

The prosecutor’s office is dealing with the already demolished tobacco warehouse

The Plovdiv Prosecutor’s Office is self-reporting on publications in the media

He explained that the administration of Plovdiv has tried several times to initiate a conversation between the NINNKN and the owners, but the cultural institution has never responded.

In his words the demolition plan was not to remove the entire warehouse, but only part of itfor which there is an opinion that it is constructively compromised.

If Petar Petrov wishes, we will give him all the owners of the buildings, let’s see what he will do, Moravenov said and added that he took a photograph of the facade during future construction as well will restore it in the spirit of the tobacco city.

The second of the burnt tobacco warehouses in Plovdiv is being demolished illegally

Velislav Minekov urgently traveled there

We remind you that the demolition of the tobacco warehouses began in 2016, after in August they were affected by fire. One person was sentenced for it – the homeless Lyubomir Danchev, who was sentenced to 4 years in prison for negligence. A year after the first fire in the warehouses, however, there was a second fire.

At the beginning of 2022, the court finally acquitted the owners of the company that owns the tobacco warehouse “Orient Tabaco”, Georgi Branekov and Alexander Nikolic. As far as is known, their intentions are to build a new building with a hotel part on the site of the warehouses.

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