A phenomenal Finnish group hits again in Plovdiv

A phenomenal Finnish group hits again in Plovdiv
A phenomenal Finnish group hits again in Plovdiv

The phenomenal Finnish band Apocalyptika will play tonight at 19:00 at the Summer Theater of Bunardjika. Special guests at their concert under the hills are Icelanders Solstafir.

Solstafir are bold experimenters with a unique style that has evolved over the years and a recognizable sound that has earned them a special place in the modern metal scene. The group has a bright identity and radiance, with which it stands out from the general flow and is difficult to wear on style labels.

In November 2020 the Icelanders released through Season of Mist their seventh studio album, entitled Endless Twilight of Codependent Love. Songs from it, as well as classic pieces of the band, will be included in the over an hour long set of their performance in Plovdiv.

With a fine sense of musicianship, the band enriches melancholic post-metal with melodies that paint expressionistic high-impact musical pictures with guitar lines chilling with the coldness of Northern metal.

It’s been 25 years since the release of Finnish headbangers Apocalyptica’s debut album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos (Mercury Records). 22 years have passed since the magical first concert of Apocalyptica in Bulgaria. It took place at the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv in 1999. and won a mass of fans of the group in our country, who still remember this concert. Over the years, graduates of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki followed their own path, which also proved successful as a career direction.

Grown-up Apocalyptic return to the city of the hills for another meeting under the stars with their fans at the invitation of EventEase.

As we’ve already seen personally, the Finnish cellists are bold, genuine and open. So are the people in the audience of their shows. The Finns stood out as true innovators in the metal scene as soon as they stepped onto it. They continued to develop, experiment and surprise. From a quartet of cellists covering instrumentals, they began writing original material, expanded the line-up by adding a drummer, and then included vocals. For these, they invite various popular vocalists, and these collaborations are sometimes presented with live performances with the respective singer.

And although it took years for them to be accepted and appreciated in the more conservative company of fans in the world rock society, they settled permanently on the bill of major forums of the metal genre.

Today, Apocalyptica are still a breath of fresh air with their original approach to music making, professionalism in arranging their musical pieces and with their heartfelt performances on stage. And indeed, the energy and charge that this venerable classical instrument, the cello, brings, in combination with musicians in whose hearts the flame of metal burns, is in itself a prerequisite for an explosive show.

During the pandemic 2020 the band released a ninth studio album entitled Cell-0 (Silver Lining Music)… So it’s time for a concert with a refreshed setlist with new compositions – we have it.

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