The vice president asked for an investigation into the suspended money for Perperikon

The vice president asked for an investigation into the suspended money for Perperikon
The vice president asked for an investigation into the suspended money for Perperikon

Vice President Iliana Yotova called on the Ministry of Culture to check the funds for archaeological excavations in the country, which the Minister of Culture in the last regular government did not allocate.

“We need to find out where the money went from the increased budget of the Ministry of Culture, said Iliana Yotova during her visit to Perperikon.

At the invitation of the Regional History Museum – Kardzhali and the team of Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, the vice president visited Perperikon, where he got acquainted with the new discoveries in the archaeological complex, among which is a pagan temple from the 3rd-4th century, which functioned until the adoption of Christianity at the beginning of the 5th century . This year, the funds for the excavations have been fully provided by the local government in Kardzhali.

Iliyana Yotova pointed out to journalists that when our country defends the national position of protecting the facts and against the rewriting of history, the role of the Bulgarian state in supporting archaeological activity is also important.

“There is no way to protect our own history outside the borders of the country if we do not know it, and to know it, we need archaeology, we need excavations, facts, scientific works,” said Iliana Yotova. She emphasized that the activity of archaeologists should be provided with maximum resources.

Iliana Yotova appeals to the Acting Minister of Culture to check not only the funds for archaeological excavations, but also what the money from the increased budget of the Ministry of Culture was given for and whether only certain projects and grants were not financed at the expense of other important activities.

“Perperikon is not only history, it is the future, related to culture, tourism, development of this entire region. It shows that someone at some level puts a cross to many years of research”, added Iliana Yotova.

The stopped money for archeology became clear in June, when Prof. Ovcharov announced that the Ministry of Culture had stopped the archaeological excavations of Perperikon and for the first time in more than 20 years, the studies of the ancient Thracian city were in question, announced archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. In addition to Perperikon, targeted subsidies have been suspended for the research of other important archaeological sites such as the Roman provincial capital Raciaria near Vidin, the late antique and medieval city of Missionis near Targovishte, the prehistoric cult center “Solnitsi” near Provadia, the ancient city of Heraclea Sintika near Petrich, the medieval castle Visegrad and other.

In connection with the difficulties faced by the municipalities in the procedures for the transfer of property related to the cultural and historical monuments, Iliyana Yotova stated that such issues should be resolved first of all within the competence of the local government, not the central one.

“Municipalities need greater independence, more powers and opportunities to collect their own funds,” added Iliana Yotova. She pointed out that currently the local government depends almost entirely on the national budget and little on European funds, which limits the municipalities’ ability to implement policies for the prosperity of their residents. The problems facing the local government, the need for decentralization and the development projects of Kardzhali were also discussed at a meeting between Vice President Yotova and the mayor of the municipality, Hassan Aziz.

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