Toma Bykov pointed to the biggest elephant in the room

Toma Bykov pointed to the biggest elephant in the room
Toma Bykov pointed to the biggest elephant in the room

The biggest elephant in the room is the political crisis, and the strongest message is that there must be a government after the elections, and this is achieved very difficult and with very complex configurations. This was stated by Toma Bikov from GERB in the special pre-election edition of “Stairway” on Darik Radio.

“The first and biggest topic is obviously inflation and the sharp drop in purchasing power,” explained Bykov in relation to the topics that concern citizens. “We are ready to bring inflation down to the average levels in Europe,” he announced.

According to him, reforms are made with two-thirds public consent, not with 121 deputies.

“We don’t give the systems a chance to work,” he explained in relation to attempts at “cosmetic” changes to the legislation.

“Should we replace the Attorney General along party lines? I’m against it. Parties can propose legislation. The parties are forbidden to change the chief prosecutor,” explained Toma Bykov.

He said there should be a body separate from the Attorney General and the High Judicial Council. According to him, there is no party in Bulgaria that is “for” corruption.

“We proposed a formula: pro-European governance,” Toma Bykov is emphatic.

He stated that GERB expects the parties to propose programs, not their anchor points.

“It is good to act, but not to present it as a battle with all the corruption in the state,” explained Bykov in connection with the case of the “Captain Andreevo” checkpoint. He explained that in the event of a violation by the company, it must take responsibility. “This is not a topic that can be large-scale,” explained Toma Bykov.

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