Emile Konrad reviled and loved after his gay confession

Emile Konrad reviled and loved after his gay confession
Emile Konrad reviled and loved after his gay confession

Now 33, the vlogger continues free to discuss forbidden topics

My sexual orientation is homosexual. I’ve always been gay. I have never had a sexual orientation other than this. I never wondered if I liked women, if I liked men. I always knew I liked men. I’ve never had any problem with it.

So calmly, confidently and without worry said one of the first vloggers in Bulgaria, who changed attitudes about YouTube, videos and sharing personal life in front of everyone.

Emil Konrad, 33, started making videos ten years ago, saying he first did it because he was bored. At the time when YouTube was entering among young people in our country, Emil Konrad ironized and parodied, wanting to show some of the problems of society. When he was 25, he started filming funny videos that quickly reached millions of views on YouTube. His videos are mostly funny, but with many of them, he changed the public’s attitude towards sharing his personal life. He often tells stories about himself, like

one of his videos is called “My Adoption”

10 years after the beginning, Emile Konrad also admitted to his audience that he was homosexual. “In Bulgaria, I don’t think that sexual orientation is unacceptable, I don’t think that there is that much discrimination for sure, but a lot depends on how you treat people,” he says. In his older videos where he shares his personal life, the vlogger tries to influence the people who follow him. Therefore, it presents many of the taboo topics to the audience. In a long video, he explains how he found out he was adopted, and then receives over 400 messages on Facebook and Instagram from people who have gone through the same thing. Some of the most common questions he was asked were how to make it easier for them to accept the fact that they are adopted, whether to share it with other people, whether to search for their biological parents, or how to react when their real siblings contact them. “When adoption isn’t talked about, you don’t think it’s an adequate choice,” says the vlogger. Thus, he wants to influence the people watching him not to worry about this topic and not to be afraid to speak in front of others.

Emil Konrad sees his YouTube channel as a diary that can be read by anyone,

that’s why he doesn’t hesitate to share his personal stories. With the topic of his sexual orientation, he wants to change attitudes in society and make people be more open to those who are different from them. “Nowadays, absolutely all my relatives know, there is not a single person around me who does not know. Certainly, my orientation influenced me not to share some part of my life and the reason was that I felt very vulnerable, that I was not sure if I would be supported by people”, says Emil Konrad. A few weeks after sharing to all his followers, he

also started joking on social media networks with their homosexuality

He recently posted a funny tiktok clip taken in the car and wrote: “The beautiful woman who thinks I’m going to drop her in the traffic, but I like men and that kind of thing doesn’t work for me.”

The video clip, entitled “My Sexual Orientation”, collected over 120,000 views in two weeks. And there the vlogger calmly announced that he has a boyfriend. Now he also shares pictures with him. “The best thing that ever happened to me is that I have a boyfriend. I haven’t talked about it publicly in a long time. I haven’t explained some things about him, I’ve shown him on Instagram, but very briefly. I feel very happy in my personal life,” says Konrad.

Perhaps the vlogger would be able to change the attitude of young people to not comment and insult those different from them. He mentions this problem in his videos, telling how under his Facebook posts he is insulted because of his homosexuality. “I don’t mind it, some of the comments are funny actually, but I don’t find it meaningful.

So what if you say I’m gay, that’s all one thing i don’t know

this is not news to me,” says Konrad. This shows that no offense can be taken, which is the purpose of most bad comments.

Konrad’s videos often include his aunt, who has been his closest person since his father’s death. The 86-year-old woman also has a sense of humor and knows about the vlogger’s sexual orientation. In the beginning, when he started making videos, he only photographed public figures and did not show his personal life and friends. One of his first revelations to the audience is that he was born in Sofia, an only child, his mother is Bulgarian and his father is Armenian. However, he only saw them on Saturdays and Sundays because they worked during the week.

Over time, however, Konrad allowed the audience more and more into his personal life, and perhaps that is why he has not stopped being watched and liked for 10 years. Although he is already 33 years old and there is a big gap between him and his followers, he is still so popular among them.

However, some criticized him for talking about his homosexuality because it would influence the younger ones and set a bad example for them. Many others congratulate him for openly voicing topics that are rarely talked about.

In addition to videos, Emil Konrad also publishes books. His great popularity on the web makes the presentation of his first book “What they don’t teach us at school” a sensation. Huge queues of teenagers wind up outside the bookshops where the young writer is signing autographs. “Konrad tells us the truth about things in life,” explained the students, who waited for each of his new videos with impatience.

He is now the author of 7 books, his latest being a culinary one. He continues to regularly publish videos on his channel and make a podcast – “In bed with Emil Konrad”.

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