Bargain! The Plovdiv “United Dairy Company” has a new…

The Plovdiv “United Dairy Company” AD (OMK) will have a new owner – the Greek company Hellenic Dairies.

“Tirbul” EAD from the Hellenic Dairies group will acquire 100% of the shares of “OMK”, which is a subsidiary of another Greek company – Delta Food. This is clear from a joint announcement of the two Greek companies on the signing of the deal agreement. The price of the acquisition has not been specified, pending authorization from the Commission for the Protection of Competition.

“Tirbul” is present on the market in Bulgaria with its Olympus brand. Among the brands of “United Dairy Company” are “Vereya” and “Fibela”.

The United Milk Company was established in the late 1990s after the privatization of facilities from the state-owned company “Milk Supply”, which has been operating since the late 1950s. In 2001, OMK merged four of its subsidiaries – the former state dairies in Plovdiv, Burgas, Stara Zagora and Shumen – to streamline operations. The company later closed the other three dairies bought by Doverie against vouchers during the 1996-97 mass privatization. In March 2003, the Greek venture capital fund Global Finance acquired 48.5% of OMK’s capital through an increase of the capital of 5.1 million euros.

A year later, OMK acquired the local producer of milk and dairy products “Vitalact Milk”, which previously operated under the name “Serdika”, from the Greek ice cream producer Delta Ice Cream SA. In 2005, OMK closed down the milk production activity in ” Vitalact”. After another 2 years, in 2007, the company was acquired by the Greek Vivartia, which also includes Delta Food. The trace was for 18.7 million euros.

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