RZI-Lovech started a research, after many drinking of cloudy water

In connection with numerous inquiries to RZI-Lovech regarding the cloudy water flowing from consumers’ taps, the inspection informs:

RZI-Lovech has carried out sampling of drinking water at final consumers from four points in different areas of the city of Lovech, according to a joint monitoring program with Waterworks-Lovech. Sampling was also carried out from the water source for Lovech – river catchment in the village of Cherni Osam.

The samples are tested for physico-chemical and microbiological indicators, according to Ordinance No. 9 of 2001. for the quality of water intended for drinking and domestic purposes.

The analysis of the results will be ready within 72 hours, for which, as well as for actions taken in accordance with competence, information will be prepared for the media in a timely manner.


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