On X 2 vOdi – the podcast of Sofiyska voda begins

On X 2 vOdi – the podcast of Sofiyska voda begins
On X 2 vOdi – the podcast of Sofiyska voda begins

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The podcast of Sofiyska voda Na X 2 vOdi is starting

Water in Sofia under the microscope is the subject of the first episode of the author’s podcast “Sofia Water”, part of Veolia, which launched this month.

In a series of episodes, the podcast “Nand H 2 inOdi” will meet you with several of the responsible persons in “Sofijska voda”, who have many years of experience and professional skills in the company. The content is user-oriented, and the goal is to provide useful and interesting information for customers in an accessible and comprehensible/informal way, the company announced.

In the first episode, the audience meets senior manager Vesela Stefanova at her workplace – the Sofiyska Voda laboratory. In the podcast, she talks about the water we drink in Sofia, how it is purified and what its quality depends on. We also answer all the questions from our customers who did not hesitate to ask through our Facebook profile, they also write from “Sofian water”.

The podcast “Nand H 2 inOdi” is another way for Sofia Water, part of Veolia, to maintain open and transparent communication with the people of Sofia about its activities, duties and plans. The episodes will be distributed through the official social networks of “Sofia Voda” – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

Watch episode 1 here

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