Is Bulgaria a manageable country?

Is Bulgaria a manageable country?
Is Bulgaria a manageable country?
  • Marcela Abrasheva: “October 2022 is not November 2021. Hopefully the old and new political elites have learned their lesson
  • Prof. Ivaylo Dichev: There are many important and serious topics that hide behind Kiril Petkov’s dances

Due to the many turbulences, the percentage of people who decide at the last moment who to vote for is growing, that’s why the campaign is important, sociologist Marcela Abrasheva commented to BNR. According to her, because there are still many people who are undecided, the surveys that will be done as the election campaign progresses will be more accurate.

Inflation, prices, the whole rearrangement, she said, will determine a lot of things. “In Bulgaria, there is a historically imposed tendency to be constantly scared. The prices were scary, even when they were not particularly high.”

Regarding the geopolitical orientation of our country in the context of the upcoming elections, Abrasheva noted that, in her opinion, “raising this topic is dangerous and serious.”

“The demonstration in Prague is part of something bigger that started in some European countries – is there a way for society to show solidarity and try to save. This topic is completely absent here. (…) Within the larger Europe, which is vulnerable, has and remains topics that we, or at least our politicians within the framework of this election campaign, do not share,” pointed out Marcela Abrasheva.

“October 2022 is not November 2021. Beyond the red lines, beyond all this psychology of personal relationships that we keep dealing with, the question is whether the old and new political elites have learned their lessons from the last year. And it is that whatever the balance of power is, the old one cannot continue.As well as someone who probably has very good intentions and wants entirely of his own free will to rearrange everything in 6 months – is also not a possible strategy. This idea is still felt in everyone’s speeches – if we are 2% more or 5 MPs more, we will be able to fully impose our model.”

According to cultural anthropologist Prof. Ivaylo Dichev, the beginning of the election campaign is clear.

“The campaign starts quite violently. The tone for this is set by the caretaker government, which joined this campaign with the unheard-of attack on the previous coalition. We all wonder what exactly President Radev wants – is he making his own project, left-nationalist, is he serving any Russian interests , whether he is taking personal revenge.”

On the other hand, according to him, we have serious political dilemmas – for example, did we give a lot of money for social spending, will we be stuck in 3 years or vice versa – to tighten up, to protect financial stability.

“Behind the topic of gas and Russia, something completely different is hidden – the protest parties, the protest bloc, which is quite large in Bulgaria, see in Russia the opposite of what we are at the moment. There are parties that directly call for us to leave the European Union “, Prof. Dichev thinks.

“Yanev experiences himself as Orban. He says – we will reform the European Union, we will oppose, etc. That is, another dilemma – whether to break, oppose, sit in the corner, or vice versa – to integrate into the big , rich Western world and together with them to solve the problems. Very important and serious topics that are hidden behind Kiril Petkov’s dances…”

“Unfortunately, European unity is not very secure. There is at least one country within it – Hungary, which is not very clear on which side it is. But Europe is a somewhat postmodern construct, without a political center. Nobody can force us to us or the Hungarians some things. Europe is a wonderful place, a cultural place, but let’s not count on it having any political will to do some things. Rather, the Atlantic family is the driving force,” the cultural anthropologist stressed

According to him, “the whole job at the moment with us as a society is to understand that we have to take a step beyond – keeping our ideological biases, to allow these parties to interact. We are entering a moment when we should think about ‘is Bulgaria manageable’ , Dichev summarized.

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