Little by little we try to collect good ideas with the hope of realizing them together for Dobrich

“Citizens +” is organizing a “Dobrich in the future time 7.0” forum this week, it reported reporter of Radio “Focus” – Dobrich. The association has had this name since last year, although in 2022 it marks 10 years since its establishment. “Last year, we decided to rebrand the association, as we were initially “Citizens in More”. We now have a new name, we have also created a new graphic vision of the association.

The philosophical concept of “Citizens +” is that we are citizens of Dobrich, every single person whom we can attract to participate in our causes, every single citizen who is ready, is interested in talking about the topics that concern us, is one person more, one citizen plus. And in fact, the original creation of this association was with the idea of ​​being first and foremost citizens. The association has been non-partisan from the beginning. It has members both people with a party orientation and people who are not members of no parties. But the interesting thing is that in these 10 years we didn’t break up, because that was one of our first concerns – whether this would separate us. So “Citizens +” is a civil initiative that changes its composition, but glory By God, we have a permanent core, which has been from the very foundation, and we wish to have a conversation with the citizens of Dobrich about Dobrich,” said arch. Svetoslava Kolarova, chairman of the board of the association. She added that the “Global Dobrich” initiative implements the openness of the association for citizens who live in the Dobruja city, or were born in it, but now live in other cities of the country or somewhere in the world. It also unites people who in some way are related to Dobrich.

“Global Dobrich” organizes tomorrow – September 6, the seventh consecutive edition of the civic forum “Dobrich in the future”. The initiative aims to provoke, collect and generate ideas of active well-wishers. The association does not divide citizens into those who currently live in Dobrich and those abroad. “We need the potential, the ideas, the knowledge of everyone who has a connection with their city. In previous editions of “Dobrich in the future”, the speakers were interesting people from the country and the world. “Grape by graze, we are trying to collect good ideas that we hope to implement together with the local government at some point”, said architect Kolarova. She recalled that in the first edition of the forum, the lecturer was the economist Dimitar Sabev. The topic that is presented then, was the “Economy of the Periphery”. The focus has been on the idea that culture and economy are not a single place like the chicken and the egg, neither comes first. They go together and should be seen as a common mechanism for developing the well-being of a settlement.

“This year, the focus of our forum will be culture, not by chance, and as a reference to this first lecture. We also expect a video address from this lecturer. For us, this is a very important topic to which we will return and discuss with our lecturers. Another very important a topic that was in focus last year, that is the “Urban Environment”. For us and professionally, because there are many architects who are members of the association and not only, it is extremely important in the focus of the fact that the urban space is something that should be the result of joint public efforts – conversations, getting to know the public with future intentions and plans, and vice versa – mandatory feedback of citizens to the local administration. And this is something that requires longer-term planning and very serious communication between citizens and rulers. These are topics that really continue to be in our focus,” emphasized Arch. Kolarova.

The official opening of tomorrow’s forum “Dobrich in the future 7.0” is at 5:00 p.m. The full program is published on the Facebook event for September 6. Registration begins at 4:00 p.m. During this period, until its start, a video specially installed for the occasion wall, 5 film miniatures will be broadcast, the result of the 48-hour film challenge, which was realized according to one of the ideas of “Global Dobrich” with the cooperation of the municipality. The films were shot in Dobri


h, with the participation of citizens of Dobrich. The forum will also be a kind of celebration of the association’s 10th anniversary, which to some extent predetermined the choice of the main topic, that of culture. Speakers will be the translator and journalist, well-known public figure Emi Baruch, political scientist with guitar Evgeni Dainov and global Dobrich residents Martin Kirilov and Kosta Kolarov, musicians from the rock group “Bloodrush”. The boys from the band will share how young people in Dobrich create creativity – what helps them and what “stops” them.

Later, 30-minute creative workshops will be organized with the participation of each of the speakers and moderators from “Citizens +”. The thematic groups will aim to formulate specific ideas to be implemented together with the municipality. During a larger part of the weather will sound music of “Bloodrush”, finalists in one of the authoritative music programs of national Bulgarian television.

The forum will be a kind of celebration that will combine serious topics and discussions on them, creativity, an active civic position on the one hand and fun on the other with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the “Citizens +” Association on the lawn as a kind of picnic. A side event is exceptional a beautiful outdoor photo exhibition along one of the alleys in the City Park “St. George”. Large-format panels with black-and-white photography have been attracting the attention of passers-by for several days on the alley in front of the park-hotel. The author of the project is Felia Baruch. “FotoFabrika” presents the exhibition “Look at me. I see you”.

“Our wish is to change the perspective of things happening in Dobrich – to present exhibitions not only in the center, but also in other places. In this case, it is the city park – a favorite and visited place in the city. We will try to combine the serious conversation for culture and in particular for the culture of Dobrich with a pleasant stay and experience, I hope with erudite, intelligent and interesting interlocutors and the nice music of “Bloodrush”, also shared arch. Svetoslava Kolarova.


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