Heavy loss for Heber in Razgrad VIDEO

Champion Ludogorets inflicted Heber’s heaviest loss since the start of the season, thrashing them 6-0 at home in an efbet Liga Round IX match. Spas Delev scored two goals for the success of the Eagles. He scored in the 44th minute with a good free kick and in the 48th minute. The rest of the goals were the work of the talent from the “Eagles” school Ivan Yordanov, who scored in the 4th minute, Rick Jonathan, Bernard Tekpetei and Kiril Despodov.

The match started with a bang for the hosts, who took the lead in the 4th minute. Von Vitri crosses from the right, Deberliev boxes at the feet of Yordanov. The young midfielder of the “Eagles” shot with his left foot, the guard of the visitors was unable to clear and the ball flew into his net for 1:0.

In the 20th minute, Rick led Tekpetei excellently from the right in Heber’s penalty area, but the winger from Razgrad crossed poorly to the uncovered Delev at the back post. Less than 120 seconds later, Deberliev took a dangerous shot from Rick on the ground.

The dominance of Ludogorets continued after that and in the 27th minute, Rick Jonathan made it 2:0. The Brazilian took advantage of a very good lead pass from Tekpetei and, left alone against Deberliev, masterfully “dug” the ball over the goalkeeper.

Ten minutes later, the “eagles” “killed” the little remaining intrigue with a third goal. Yordanov added to his account in addition to a goal and an assist. The young player from Razgrad led Tekpetei with a long pass, and the winger scored after a diagonal shot on the ground from 17-18 meters.

Seconds before the end of the first half, a defender of the guests pushed Delev in front of the penalty area. The victim took the direct free kick and scored for 4:0 after a foul shot over the wall.

Ludogorets could have scored a fifth goal early in the second half after Despodov’s break and pass, but Heber’s defenders cleared. The attack ended with Gruper’s shot from a long way out.

In the 48th minute, nothing was able to save the visitors from another goal in their goal. Despodov found Von Vitri with a back-heel, who passed on the ground to Delev at the near post and the striker scored once more to make it 5:0.

Ludogorets continued to attack and in the 61st minute reached the sixth goal. Von Vitri combined with Delev, who in turn found Despodov on the ground, and the latter pierced Deberliev with a shot from ten meters.

In the 88th minute, reserve Marcel sent a great shot from outside the penalty area, but Padt cleared for a corner.

Thus, Ludogorets achieved its most convincing victory since the beginning of the championship four days before the home match against Roma in the first match of the Europa League group stage.

Ludogorets – Heber 6:0

1:0 Ivan Yordanov 4
2-0 Rick Jonathan 27
3:0 Bernard Tekpetei 37
4:0 Spas Delev 44
5:0 Spas Delev 48
6:0 Kiril Despodov 61

Heber: 1. Petar Deberliev, 5. Martin Mihaylov, 28. Uzira Cornell, 10. Plamen Krumov, 38. Hleb Buhal, 11. Tsvetelin Tonev(k), 98. Georgi Turtov(46 – 3. Bogomil Bojurkin), 23. Claudio Bonani , 12. Emanuil Manev(46- 30. Boyan Knezhevich, 9. Eseola Habib(69 – 39. Ivaylo Mihailov), 77. Okaty Hamdiev(60 – 97. Vincent Marcel)

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