Bulgaria importing grain from radioactive areas in Ukraine – Agriculture – Bulgaria

Bulgaria importing grain from radioactive areas in Ukraine – Agriculture – Bulgaria
Bulgaria importing grain from radioactive areas in Ukraine – Agriculture – Bulgaria

Tons of sunflower and wheat were submerged after the heavy rains flooded Karlovsko, and hundreds of people’s crops were destroyed. At the same time, it is clear that farmers do not have modern storage facilities for their produce.

According to Associate Professor Ognyan Boyukliev from the Institute for Economic Research at the BAS, the conditions are primitive not only in the places with floods. He predicts that the price of food production in Bulgaria will double, with inflation already approaching 40%.

“Yesterday, the minister said on national air that there is no illegal logging. At the same time, people and cameras show cut logs. They clog and do not allow the river to flow,” he commented on the air of “Bulgaria morning”.

Boyukliev emphasized that the price of nitrogen fertilizers, on which 30 percent of the crop depends, has increased three times.

“We saved ourselves from hunger because people produce in their yards. There is a global risk of a food crisis. Europe will save itself, there will be no hunger, but there will be a shortage of products,” the expert concluded. He gave the example of the sunflower crop in Western Europe.

Prof. Boyukliev made a forecast for Bulgaria ON AIR regarding the prices of basic food products.

“The reduction of VAT on bread in general has not had any effect throughout the country. We have a deficit of expertise and of statesmanship. Bread cannot help but become more expensive if we keep the same quality and weight. We calculate it per kilogram, that’s why we say it is doubled in price,” he explained.

In his opinion, there has been a stabilization of the price of oil in our country due to the entry of sunflowers from Ukraine into the country.

“We should be in solidarity with Ukraine and be against the war, but this grain comes from areas that are radioactive. However, the price of oil will still go up by about 50%. Sugar is also expected to rise in price,” he announced.

According to the expert, quality and weight are always reduced during crises.

“The cellars in the villages are being filled with canned goods. The Bulgarian will survive, there will not be absolute hunger like in Africa, but it will be hard,” he believes.

Prof. Boyukliev summarized that in Bulgaria we eat low-quality imported food, which is “a blow against Bulgaria’s gene pool”.

“It is a crime to import 80% of our fruit and vegetables,” he concluded.

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