Sopot prepares civil disobedience – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Sopot prepares civil disobedience – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria
Sopot prepares civil disobedience – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Civil disobedience and rebellion are brewing in Sopot. The reason is that people have been without water for more than 72 hours because of the floods in the area.

According to the administration of Sopot, the institutions ignored the problem. Actor Nikolay Urumov, who is there for the city’s celebration today, also joined in the discontent.

“There is no water for the fourth day. And no one from the waterworks comes to find out the problem, nor to say when the problem will be solved”, said Urumov. He suggests that the main cause of the drought in the city is the destruction in the flooded villages.

According to the mayor of Sopot, the city is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

“We empathize with other settlements and their problems from the natural element. But there is no way an 11,000-person municipality can be left without water,” stated Veselin Lichev.

On Sunday, there was a spontaneous protest in front of the municipality, and people threatened to close main roads and railway lines.

The mayor says he has notified the regional minister, the interior minister, the president and the attorney general about the problem. He prepared a letter to which the citizens also signed.

“A humanitarian crisis is coming very soon. VMZ-Sopot is not working, I have stopped the kindergartens”, explained Lichev.

The regional governor of Plovdiv – Angel Stoev said from Slatina that a heavy machine was sent to Sopot to help the waterworks. Stoev hopes that by the evening there will be water at the taps. However, he advised the inhabitants of the city not to drink from it immediately, but to wait for the samples to see if it is fit for drinking.

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